Art Bench Kick-Off at Houlton Elementary

A group of people stop at the trail head where two volunteers are dressed in vintage 1800's style clothing.

Houlton families enjoyed the St. Croix Valley Art Bench Kick-Off event with a walk on the new bridge, information about the upcoming project, and a family picnic.  Houlton students will be designing the “gathering space” for the bench area during the year. Students will also be part of the construction of the bench area spring of 2019. The St. Croix River Valley Art Bench Trail offers a unique opportunity to explore works of art created by local youth and community partners with a local artist. The Art Bench Trail extends from St. Croix Falls to Prescott.

Learn more about the St. Croix River Valley Art Bench trail by clicking on here.

Two older adults seated at a picnic table with a young child.

A group of people looking out across the front of the school, two boys in the front are eating watermelon. A group of adults and children gathered at a picnic table.

Mom and two daughters sitting on a wooden bench.

Families gathered under a tree seated at picnic tables.

Several adults and a toddler pose for the camera. A group of adults gather for a walk with strollers.