2017-2018 District Goals

Each year the Board of Education takes action on District Goals that guide continuous improvement in the areas of academics, operations, human capital, and community relations.

Advancement of Strategic Vision HSD 2025 Long Term Implementation Plan

  • Curriculum Clarity and Implementation
    • Re-establish the essential components of the six-year Program Review and Evaluation Process (PREP) focused on standards prioritization, deconstruction, and aligned scaffolded assessment.
    • Produce a 4K-12 curriculum overview document which describes key learning in all disciplines for public distribution.
    • Create a timeline and process to enter curricular lessons into Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC).
    • Establish an elementary grading system for all other curricular areas focused on proficiency of identified essential learning and standards.
    • Expand Tier 3 Reading Intervention options to include Orton-Gillingham based reading curriculum.
  • Personalized Learning
    • Establish long term plan for Personalized Learning implementation by level.
    • Define Personalized Learning for Hudson School District.
    • Implement Academic Career Planning (ACP) to allow students to develop their self-awareness and a personalized academic career plan.
    • Establish co-teaching inclusive model in the 4K program. Expand co-teaching at the High School to include Language Arts.
  • Responsive Professional Learning
    • Increase access to Professional Learning including Digital Learning Library.
    • Streamline development and articulation of Professional Learning.
  • Formative Assessment Improvements and Data-Based Decision Making
    • Utilize Data Warehouse to provide timely and meaningful student learning data for teachers and principals to guide instructional and programmatic decision making.
    • Develop common formative assessments for elementary ELA and Math.
    • Create timeline for formative assessment development at the secondary level.

Connecting with Community

  • Provide timely information and opportunities for community feedback related to High School construction projects.
    • Provide quarterly, or as needed, community mailings and or meetings to inform families, staff and community on High School construction progress.
    • Provide direct communication to students, staff, families and neighbors regarding project impact on their day-to-day operations.
  • Intentionally and systematically connect with our school district community in order to foster positive, two-way communication and a sense of community connectedness; and build trust and improve communication between the public and the school district.
    • Produce and distribute quarterly newsletters that highlight the work of the School District.
    • Maximize print, electronic, and social media content for informing public of School District initiatives.
    • Provide opportunities for two-way communication.

Invest in Human Capital

  • Continue to advance implementation of the multi-year strategic compensation development plan including alignment with state-mandated Educator Effectiveness and HSD 2025.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, the continued implementation and oversight of the Teacher Salary Structure and the District-wide Leadership Compensation Structure.
    • The Human Resources Department will also lead the review, development and implementation of a new support staff compensation structure, to be effective with the 2018-2019 school year.

Board Policy Project

  • Continue to review and analyze current and prospective Board policies to accurately reflect laws, regulations, standards, and School District expectations/practices.

Finance and Operations

  • Continue to develop a long term district-wide facilities plan
    • Hold a work session with Board of Education to determine a pathway for long term capital improvements and deferred maintenance.
    • Form one or more working groups of teachers, principals, parents, general public, department heads, district administrators, and board members to consider the information and survey feedback gathered to date and to learn about the current state of school sites in the study.
    • Determine prioritization of projects, timelines, and funding options.
  • Explore alternatives for the High School food service program in order to generate increased student interest in the program.
    • Use student focus groups and a parent survey to change the current program.
    • Develop a marketing plan based on feedback.
  • Continue to support and manage construction activities at the High School.
    • Provide construction contract oversight and assist in the logistics for planned phasing.
    • Review project budget information from construction manager.
    • Handle numerous unanticipated issues that arise.
  • Continue to collaborate with Human Resources to improve data integrity for employee processes.
    • Improve process and provide additional reporting capabilities through Skyward Employee Management.
    • Continue to work on budgetary processes for the Teacher Salary Structure.
  • Continue to expand credit card and other non-cash payment systems.
    • Increase participation of online and in-person use of non-cash payments.
    • Develop process and guides for staff and conduct trainings.
  • Begin a process for selection and implementation of district-wide electronic work order system for facilities and grounds operations.
    • Improve the tracking of requests for work at various sites.
    • Reduce the response time to requests.
    • Improve the selection and prioritization process for work orders.