Elementary Boundaries

2019-2020 Elementary Attendance Boundary Exception Request Forms

Board Approved Elementary Attendance Boundaries

Board of Education – January 14, 2019

Board of Education Public Comment – December 17, 2018

Below is the Elementary Attendance Boundary map that the Board of Education is seeking comment on.

Elementary Boundary Committee Meeting – November 27, 2018

Elementary Boundary Committee Meeting – October 23, 2018

Community Feedback Received as of October 16, 2018

Community Forum – Tuesday, September 25, 6:00 PM at River Crest Elementary School

Elementary Attendance Boundary Committee Meeting #3 – September 18, 2018

Elementary Attendance Boundary Committee Meeting #2 – June 12, 2018

Community Forum Captures Feedback on Defining Neighborhoods

Map of the school district's elementary attendance boundaries.

A group of parents, elementary teachers and principals, municipality representatives, School District administrators and Board members worked in small groups to make suggestions on how they would define neighborhoods. The feedback collected from the six small groups will be used by RSP and Associates to develop a draft elementary attendance boundaries. These draft boundaries will be presented to the Elementary Attendance Boundary Committee at their June 12th meeting.

In addition to the small group discussions, participants that the Community Forum listened to a presentation by RSP and Associates. The presentation included information on the decision-making process, criteria, and guiding principles. Additionally, RSP presented student enrollment data and growth projections. Click here to view the presentation.

Click here for May 15, 2018 – Community Forum Announcement

Current Elementary Attendance Boundaries

A map showing the Hudson School District boundaries.

Board of Education Names Elementary Attendance Boundary Committee Members (April 10, 2018)

Lists the elementary boundary committee members in four columns

Administrative Resources:

  • Dr. Nick Ouellette – Superintendent
  • Dave Grambow – Assistant Superintendent
  • Andrea Voelker – Human Resources
  • Tracy Habisch-Ahlin – Community Relations

Board of Education Process to Reset Elementary Attendance Boundaries (February 26, 2018)

The Board of Education held a work session on February 26, 2018 to begin the discussion on resetting elementary attendance boundaries. To view the Board’s work session discussion, click on this link for the RSP and Associates presentation. Please note that the maps that are used in this presentation are for demonstration only – the information in the maps is not real data.

Boundary Decision Timeline

Hudson Board of Education Explores Need to Reset Elementary Attendance Boundaries (February, 2018)

The School District regularly monitors elementary school enrollment and areas of housing growth as part of its long-term planning. The Board of Education has decided to review this data for the purpose of potentially resetting elementary attendance boundaries. The Board understands that few things are as important to parents as the school their child(ren) attend. The Board will consider all Hudson School District children while making thoughtful and caring decisions. The Board knows students receive a great education at any Hudson school; they also know that it is important for them to keep in mind the gravity of reviewing boundaries and the importance of engaging stakeholders. The community’s participation in this review and potential change of attendance boundaries is critical and valued.

To assist with data collection and analysis, the School District will contract with RSP Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in school boundary analysis. In addition to providing the data that will help with decision-making, RSP will work with the Board of Education to develop decision making criteria that a committee of stakeholders will use in making recommendations to the Board. This committee will include parents from each elementary school, elementary principals, Board members, and school administrators. Other members may include representatives from School District municipalities, Chamber of Commerce, realtors, and other identified community stakeholders.

Committee members will be charged with:

  • Thoroughly studying and reviewing all elementary school attendance areas.
  • Developing recommendation(s) for the Board of Education regarding resetting elementary attendance areas.
  • Serving as “key communicators” to the Hudson community throughout the process.

The Board of Education will begin their preliminary discussion and planning at their February 26, 2018, work session. This work session will be held at River Crest Elementary School in the cafeteria/multi-purpose room and will begin at 5:30 PM. The public is invited to attend this meeting to learn more about the decision making criteria, process for determining committee membership, and preliminary timeline.

The Board welcomes input from the community at all stages of this decision. For individuals who are not able to attend meetings, information will be shared on the School District website under the Attendance Boundary Committee tab. People are always welcome to provide input to the Board and School District administration by emailing comments or questions to connections@hudsonraiders.org.