Summer School Age Care – Backpacker Program

Registration Begins March 14th

Summer School Age Care will be held at EP Rock Elementary School and will be available June 14 – August 8, 2017

(Click here to view the full Summer Program Information Guide)


Registration begins March 14 online (click here). A $50.00 non-refundable registration fee per child is required to register with our summer program. Please note that registering for FeePay does not work well on iPads or cellular devices. If you do not have access to a computer, please call our business office to make an appointment to use our computer. Computers are also available at your School Age Care Office and your elementary school office. We are happy to help you register.

New Family Registration Information

Begin by creating a FeePay/Eleyo account by clicking here. Follow the instructions to create your account. After you have created your FeePay account you will need to create a “childcare account.” Click on Explore All Programs and enter your child’s information. Then you will choose your classes and complete your contract.

 Existing Families Registration

Log into your FeePay/Child Care account to register for School Age Care Summer 2017. You will choose your classes (grades 1-6), then create a contract.


In order to schedule a Drop-In please contact our Drop-In Scheduler, Kelly Dorr. You can contact Kelly by calling 715.377.3846. You may also email her at

Online sign up for summer drop-in days will not be available, you will need to contact us directly. The drop-in rate is $41.00 per day, we cannot guarantee space will be available for drop-in. Once you have been approved for drop-in, your account will be charged even if your child does not attend.


Billing and Payments

You must contract for a minimum of 15 days. If you schedule 15-25 days, your daily charge is $33.00 per day. If you schedule 26+ days the charge is $29.50 per day. There are 39 days this summer. We will be each week during the summer. Payments are due at the beginning of each week you attend. We will create weekly invoices that are emailed on Friday the week before. You may sign up for automatic withdrawal online. All forms of payments can be made online. If you have concerns about payments or online payments, please speak with the School Age Care staff. Money orders and check will be accepted on site as well.

Financial Assistance

The Hudson School District School Age Care offers financial assistance to families who qualify through Nutrition Services free and reduced lunch guidelines. School Age Care does not accept St. Croix County Assistance payments. Please contact our office if you are in need of financial assistance.

Class Selection and Descriptions (click here)

During the registration process, you will select the classes your child would be most interested in during the summer. Please read the class descriptions closely. These classes fill quickly, so please choose classes as soon as possible. There are 7 sessions to choose classes that will last the 8 weeks of summer.  Current Kindergartners do not choose their classes as the Kindergarten team provides their schedule. Please choose wisely, once a class is full, we cannot add children to that class.  Due to safety concerns we do not allow changes to the schedule the first week, and because classes fill quickly we have limited movement after that week. If you have questions about the class please call our office.

Field Trip Options (click here)

During the summer we have planned numerous fun, exciting and educational opportunities for your child to participate in. We attend a field trip once a week, and we expect all the students to attend. We schedule these days Tuesday-Thursday. Our field trips go hand-in-hand with what the students have been experiencing in their classes. This year we will also be hosting “ Fabulously Fun Fridays.” We will be planning super fun activities in Hudson and at our other Hudson elementary schools. Families are always welcome to pick up their child at any field trip destination. Please make sure to let us know before the field trip so we are prepared. If you have concerns about any field trips, please let us know. A field trip calendar will be provided.