Hudson High School

A specific goal for Hudson High School is for every student to take at least one college level course while still in high school. You may take any one of the following courses to work towards college credit.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

College Level Courses Taught in the High School Setting

Students in AP courses must take the National College Board exam in May and score according to individual college guidelines in order to receive college credit for the course. The following AP courses are currently offered at Hudson High School. Additional Virtual Program courses are listed further down this page.

AP Calculus AB AP Literature & Composition
AP Calculus BC AP Psychology
AP Statistics AP Physics 1, 2 & C
AP Chemistry AP Spanish
AP German AP Studio Art
AP Human Geography AP U.S. Government & Politics
AP Language & Composition and Composition AP United States History

Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

PLTW courses are college level courses that require a grade of B or better and a certain score on the national exam. PLTW is a pre-engineering program that incorporates science, technology, engineering and math. The Course Catalog course descriptions indicate courses that earn college credit.

  • Intro to Engineering
  • Principals of Engineering
  • Digital Electronics
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • Engineering Design and Development
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering

Transcripted Credit

Transcripted credit agreements provide high school students with the opportunity to take WITC (technical college) courses taught by their high school instructors and receive WITC credit if they complete the course with a grade of C or better (WITC grading scale). High School instructors deliver the course to high school students with a WITC mentor serving as a guide, reference, and resource to assure the content is comparable to courses offered at the college. Upon completion of the course and earning a grade of C or better, students receive a WITC transcript.

Business Technology Application (2 transcripted credits) Print Reading Machine Trades (1 transcripted credit)
Digital Design – Desktop Publishing (2 transcripted credits) Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Disease (2 transcripted credits)
Personal Finance (3 transcripted credits) CAD Basics (1 transcripted credit)
Welding for Mechanics (2 transcripted credits) Medical Terminology (3 transcripted credits)
Machine Shop Theory I (2 transcripted credits)

Virtual Program - Grades 10-12

The Hudson School District partners with Wisconsin Virtual School, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s designated public virtual program, to provide some additional course options for students. Students currently enrolled at Hudson High School full-time can enrich their course selection with courses not currently available at the high school. Courses cannot supplant courses offered on-site. All courses are 1-2 semester courses, and students are given 5 months from the date of enrollment to complete each course for fall and spring terms. All courses are taught by Wisconsin certified teachers. Elective credit will be awarded for courses taken online. A semester course equals .5 credit, two semesters equals 1.0 credit. AP courses will receive weighted credit.

Students who choose to participate in virtual courses need to examine their personal skills and aptitude for taking a class online. The following attributes will greatly contribute to a student’s success: self-motivation, independent learner, computer literate, good time-management, effective written communication skills, and personal commitment. To get a course description of courses, visit

Below is a listing of Virtual School course offerings:

Course Yearlong Course Sem 1 Sem 2 Course Yearlong
AP Art History OI001Y AP Environmental Science OI0051 Oi0052 French 1 OL121Y
AP Biology OI002Y AP Macroeconomics OL0081 OL0082 French 2 OL122Y
AP European History OL006Y AP Microeconomics OL0091 OL0092 French 3 OL0123Y
AP World History OL011Y Web Design OL0151 OL)152 Latin 1 OL141Y
AP Calculus BC OL003Y Game Design OL0161 OL0162 Latin 2 OL142Y
AP French OL007Y Japanese 1 OL131Y
Japanese 2 OL132Y