Hudson High School
Mentor Program


The students participating in this mentorship program are 11th graders in the HealthCare and STEM+ Academies. They will each be matched into groups of 2-3 students per one adult mentor. Students are matched with mentors who have a similar career theme to what the students are interested in. This is not always possible, but either way, we feel students can benefit immensely from learning how to interact with others.

For mentors, the program is a one-year commitment consisting of monthly scheduled meeting which cover topics such as goal-setting, academic progress, team-building, skill building, and future planning. Most of these are one-hour meeting that take place in the High School LMC (Library Media Center), Academy room (124), and other classrooms. One day that is a different format is a day where the mentor will have an extended meeting in order to get individual time with each student in their group. The mentor binder contains the dates and times of all the scheduled meetings as well as the agendas which give detailed instructions for each meeting.

Purpose and Objectives of the Mentoring Program


  • To create meaningful partnerships between school and community

  • To make a difference in the life of a young person

  • To help guide students in achieving their career path goal


Objectives for the Student:

  • Develop awareness of business and career opportunities

  • Improve organization

  • Practice effective goal-setting

  • Increase knowledge of relationship between school and work

  • Establish professional relationship with a successful, working adult


Objectives for the Mentor:

  • Make a difference in a student’s life and in the school community

  • Share interests and wisdom

  • Help develop responsible future employees

  • Feel personal satisfaction