Hudson High School
Alcohol & Drugs

The good news is that parents make a difference in their teen’s decision to stay drug-free. Two-thirds of kids say that upsetting their parents or losing the respect of family and friends is one of the main reasons they don’t smoke marijuana or use other drugs. Parents can also help keep their kids drug-free by monitoring where they are, who they are with and setting rules with clear consequences for breaking them.

Communication ~ Love ~ Truth ~ Honesty

Survey results show that a mix of 3 ingredients in abundance can lead to substance abuse: Boredom, Stress, and Extra money.

The key is change; it is important to watch for any significant changes in your child’s physical appearance, personality, attitude or behavior.

See our SEARCH results, listed below, as an assessment tool for how Hudson School District does regarding assets and risk behaviors.

 Resources and Support:

  • Signs and Symptoms – physical, behavioral, and other changes associated with alcohol and drug use.
  • Alcohol and Drug Resources – crisis connections, step toward getting help, education and diversion classes, local adolescent treatment facilities.
  • Alcohol and Drug Support – local meetings for alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, and alanon/alateen (affected by someone else’s use).
  • Recovery Schools – schools that focus on academics and recovery support.
  • Substance Test Durations – substance specific length of stay in the body and places to purchase drug test kits.
  • Policy and Curriculum – Hudson School District’s Alcohol and Other Drug policy and procedure, along with K-12 evidenced based curriculum.
  • SEARCH – Hudson School District survey results of 40 developmental assets and other risk behaviors.

Helpful Websites: