Hudson Middle School
Fishing Club

Fishing Club is open to all students who want to learn more about fishing techniques, conservation, laws, and bass fishing tournament opportunities. A social and interactive experience, members can share some of the favorite lures and tactics to catch fish and places to fish.

Another great adventure fishing with some friends after school on Tuesday, October 17th

a boy holding the fish he caught   boy walking on trail with the fish he caught   boy holding his fish he caught  boy holding fish he caught     three boys looking at fishing tackle    three boys sitting at picnic table

Check out the pictures below from our trip to Perch Lake.  We had a great time learning the basics  of fishing and enjoying a great afternoon with friends.

three boys walking down trail to go fishingboy holding fish he caughtboy holding his fish he caughtboy fishing from shoreteacher and student fishing at lakeboys fishing along shorekids fishing off dockboys fishing off shoretwo boys fishing from shorethree kids fishing off dockthree boys fishing from shorethree kids fishing off shoreseveral boys fishing from shore