River Crest Elementary
School Age Care

YMCA Camp St. Croix provides Before & After Care and School Release Day Care for children who attend River Crest Elementary School. For your convenience, the program is located at River Crest Elementary School (note: some release days may be held at Camp St. Croix).

Safety is our top priority. Parents/guardians sign their children in to the program in the morning and students walk to class when school starts. In the afternoon, students walk from class to the School Age Care Program and parents/guardians must sign children out at pick up time. A portion of the program may be spent at YMCA Camp St Croix located directly across from the school. Children are escorted by staff through the tunnel connecting the two locations.

School Release Days Only
When school is out, the Y is in! The YMCA offers a full-day recreational program for children available during school release days and vacation breaks. Our program creates a safe, fun-filled environment where school age kids actively stretch their mind and body.

Through age-appropriate activities, arts and crafts, group games, sports and environmental education, kids learn about caring, honesty, respect and responsibility under the guidance of our YMCA staff. Wonderful outdoor and indoor spaces at Camp give kids a wide variety of options. Intriguing daily themes guide engaging activities and give kids topics to look forward to such as cooking projects or special interest clubs.