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Beginning Band

Welcome to the Hudson School District Band Program!

The Hudson School District’s Band Program begins the summer before 6th Grade. There is important information we want to introduce to elementary families and students as they think about the opportunities available to students who want to explore music as they move into Middle School and High School.

The Hudson School District music programs are committed to the education of the whole child. The goals of total education include music literacy, aesthetic perception, cultural ties, and self-realization. The Hudson Band Program is committed to the development of these skills – intellectual, creative, and aesthetic, promoting a basis for a life-long appreciation of music.

The Hudson Band Program is highly regarded throughout Wisconsin because of the high quality experience provided to students in grades six through twelve. Our band students have opportunities to perform locally and in surrounding areas, representing Hudson. At Hudson Middle School, we currently have 275 6th-8th graders in band. We have:

  • 5 concert bands
  • A 7th-8th grade jazz ensemble

Students participate in:

  • Solo-Ensemble Festivals
  • Honors Bands
  • Field trips to the Minnesota Orchestra
  • Jazz Festivals
  • Events with invited guest musicians during each school year

Beginning Band Instruments










Full Band

See what students have to say about band:

  • I like band for many reasons – first off, Mrs. Root, Mrs. Brown and Mr. Krasin are incredible teachers. I have learned soooo much from them. Playing an instrument is something you can do for the rest of your life. It will NEVER go away. ~ Alex; a freshman at Lawrence University-Music Conservatory/tuba. Activities included: band, forensics, baseball, football, GT, choir, Phipps plays
  • Join Band! You don’t need a PAT! You will have fun and meet a ton of new friends who have similar interests as you. You even get to miss some school for fun field trips! It will make Middle School so much more fun! Jazz Band is a blast! ~ Carter; graduate of Luther College. Plays trombone and sang at Luther. Activities included: band, choir, cross-country, plays, DI, skiing, Jazz Ensemble, State Honors and Marching Band
  • I like EVERYTHING about band! I have had straight A’s all through middle and high school and have never had a PAT. Joining Band was the smartest decision I ever made! Making music is a feeling with no substitute. Don’t miss it! ~ Kia; a sophomore at Luther College. Plays the saxophone and is majoring in music. Activities included: band, Jazz Ensemble, choir, State Honors Choir
  • I love mastering a new song, the percussion sounds, the squeaks from the woodwinds, the trumpets blaring and other “suspicious” sounds, and of course…our incredible band directors! Do it! You will start out slowly, but before you know it you’ll be making music and sounding really cool! ~ Seth; 11th grade alto saxophone player. Activities include: band, piano, Jazz Ensemble, violin, DI, Shell Lake Honors Band 
  • There shouldn’t be too much to contemplate since band is the best thing that has ever happened to me! ~ Cassie: 12 grade clarinet, harp, piano and alto saxophone player. Activities include: band, jazz band, marching band, choir, dance, harp, piano, horseback riding, karate, soccer