Congratulations HMS Spelling Bee Participants

A large group of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students hold up their spelling bee participant awards.

Thirty-five students from Hudson Middle School and St. Pat’s participated in the annual Hudson Spelling Bee at the end of January, 2018. The Hudson Champion was seventh grader Shloke Jani, who advanced to the February regional competition. Jani correctly spelled cabaret and nebulosity for the win in the 16th round. Last year, Jani won both the Hudson and Regional Spelling Bees. Fellow seventh grader Grace Jones was the runner up.

Participants above included: Sixth grade in the front row – Andy E., Ethan E., Graham C., Annabel S., Zach D., Andrew S., Jimmy Q., Ian R., Nolan G., Sammy B., Gabrielle D. Seventh grade in the middle row – Karin C., Carter C., Frankie F., Shloke J., Nene X., Storm K., Addyson W., Grace J., Betsy A., Grace L., Isabel P., Lauren G., Victoria B. Eighth grade in the back row – Landon B., Megan M., Ethan P., Parker T., Tristen B., Travis H., Natalie S., Kayla K.

Not pictured: Mallory A., Meghan F., Gus R.