In a World Where You Can Be Anything – Be Kind!

Group of elementary students sitting in a circle playing a connection game with yarn.

Hudson Prairie Elementary School started the school year out with the motto, “In a World Where You Can Be Anything. BE KIND.”  To teach this motto, students are divided into “TEAM Time”  groups with the purpose of getting to know each other throughout the school. Groups come together to do activities, help others through acts of kindness, and have fun!

In the first TEAM Time, the book “What Does it Mean to Be Kind?” was read and students talked about what kindness means.  The TEAM chant is “Be Responsible-Be Respectful-Be Safe-BE KIND!”

Pictured above the group is learning the names of each other through a yarn activity.  This was lead by Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Brettingen.

The next TEAM Time will focus on Grace Place, the needs they have, and WHY we give for the Giving Tree.  Hudson Prairie students and staff emphasize the Gift of Giving and find ways we can show kindness to others. Students are collecting donations for the school’s Giving Tree.  Items being collected include toys, cleaning supplies, baby items, hats & mittens, socks, backpacks and gift cards. All of the items collected will be donated to St. Croix families in need.