Eat Your Vegetables

A group of elementary students putting on a play for class dressed as vegetables.

Hudson Hospital generously funded a Hudson Action Book Club Little Free Library for each elementary school. Hudson School District Destination Imagination leader, Liz Malanaphy, started a book club at each building to dig into a health issue of the club’s choice.  At Houlton Elementary School, the club of 5 chose to read about healthy eating choices, and as their end project, decided to create a play to share with younger students at the school.  After 5 weeks of reading, meeting after school, planning, and practicing, the group of 3rd and 4th graders shared their play called “Eat Your Vegetables” with 3 grade classes .  This club provided a great opportunity to bring together kids from different grades and different classrooms to work on a common project. This was a great way for students to learn about a health topic of their choice, and for them to take action and share their learning with others.

A group of elementary students presenting to their class.