Hudson School District Back to School Blueprint

Back to School Blueprint

The Board of Education approved the School District’s back to school plan for fall.

Three Instructional Models

  • On- site or In-person: Typical instructional schedule with COVID-19 mitigation strategies. The plan at this time is to start school in the fall on-site and in-person.
  • Individual Distance Learning: Families can elect to access individual distance learning or may be directed to do so by public health. Individual distance learning provides synchronous (real-time) access to scheduled classroom experiences that are live streamed through Google Classroom. Individual distance learning plans will be developed collaboratively with administrators, teacher leaders, and families.
  • Virtual Learning: Will take place when entire classrooms, grade levels, or school buildings are closed.

The Board of Education work session can be viewed in its entirety at:

Superintendent’s Message

As we look to return to school this fall, we have been presented with a monumental challenge, COVID-19. Although this challenge seems daunting and sometimes insurmountable, I have strong confidence in the team of people that have been working in the Hudson School District to ensure we are doing everything we can to reasonably mitigate risks to our kids and our staff. I intentionally use the term ‘reasonably mitigate risks’ instead of talking about safely reopening. The word ‘safe’ may suggest to some that we can provide a COVID-free environment or an environment free of all risks. We cannot promise a COVID-free environment, nor a risk-free environment in our school or any school across the country.

In the pages of the Back to School Blueprint, you will see at a high-level, the steps the School District is taking to return to school this fall. You will also see the guiding principles that we used for focus our decision-making lens. It is important to note that this is a very fluid situation. This plan may, and probably will change as we continue to assess the information we are given and the guidance we are provided from state and local health officials. In addition, there are areas of this plan where more detail will be released as we get closer to starting school.

We must work together for the well-being of our kids and our community. I look forward to seeing kids and staff back in our buildings this fall. Have a great remainder of the summer.


Nick Ouellette, PhD.