School Closure Metric Modification – December 16, 2020

School Closure Metric Modifications – December 16, 2020

The Board of Education held a special meeting on Wednesday, December 16th to review the School District’s COVID-19 response; parent, staff, and student responses to a recent COVID-19 survey; and discuss modifications to the existing School Closure Metric. 

Based on the information and experience gained over the past nine months of the pandemic and the COVID-19 survey responses, the following matrix changes were approved by the Board of Education. 

Elementary School Modifications

  • Will operate face-to-face or virtual. There will be no hybrid instructional model at this level. Based on survey responses and the instructional challenges with hybrid at the elementary level, it was determined that hybrid instruction at this level would be more problematic than virtual instruction.
  • Moving to virtual learning will be dependent on the percent of confirmed positive cases in an individual classroom. Only classrooms that meet this threshold will be moved to virtual learning, not the entire school building. Virtual learning will end approximately 2 weeks from the date of the announcement.
    • Approximately 15% of a class, based on class size guidelines, would need to test positive over a two week period in order to be moved to virtual learning. That means 3 positive cases for grades K-2 and 4 positive cases for grades 3-5.
    • If a classroom needs to move to virtual learning there will be a two day transition period to allow families and teachers to prepare. First, the announcement will be made and the class will stay in face-to-face learning the following day to allow parents to make childcare plans. Then the class will have no school for one day to allow the teacher an opportunity to prepare for the virtual learning and for the district to provide the resources needed for students to participate virtually. 

Secondary Modifications – Grades 6-12

  • Continue to make instructional decisions on a two week schedule.
  • Use new Hudson School District resident data from the Department of Health Services (DHS) for community spread calculation. The following link will take you to the DHS site, you must scroll to the bottom to find school district resident data titled COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by County and Census Tract, Municipality, School District and Zip Code :
  • The left hand column calculation reflects the cumulative number of positive cases in the school building. 
  • The next data collection date and report on the instructional model is Wednesday, December 23, 2020. This data collection date will determine which instructional model the High School and Middle School will return to after Winter Break. 
    • Regardless of the December 23 data, the Board of Education determined the High School and Middle School would be hybrid or virtual after Winter Break. Out of an abundance of caution, students would not return face-to-face even if the numbers are low. 
  • There are no changes to activities/athletics.

An additional modification for grades K-12 was made regarding students who are out of school in Individual Distance Learning (IDL). Students who are not in school or activities during a reporting period because they are IDL will no longer be included in the decision making calculation as they were in the past.