2019-2020 District Goals

Areas of Focus

1) Strong academic achievement at all levels

  • Increase the percentage of students meeting or exceeding proficiency benchmarks in ELA and math as measured by Forward and ACT/ASPIRE (Strong academic achievement at all levels)
    • 5th grade – ELA from 58.8% to 63% (79th percentile)
    • 3rd grade – Math from 67% to 71% (89th percentile)
    • 8th grade – ELA from 49.8%  to 56% (88th percentile); Math from 42.3% to 50% (71st percentile)
    • 11th grade – ELA from 46.5% to 52% (90th percentile); Math from 46% to 52% (85th percentile)

*All percentile data points are based on statewide 2017 data and are generally based on broader grade bands than the individual grade levels represented in our goals.

2) Prepare students for post-graduate success with life skills

  • Increase the percentage of students participating in college credit-bearing courses including dual-credit, transcripted, and AP offerings from 57% to 61%.

3) Supportive and inclusive learning environment

  • Increase percentage of children with IEPs aged 6-21 served in regular education environments 80% or more of the day from 52.5% to 54%.
  • Increase participation in extra-curricular activities in grades 6-12 from 59% to 65%.

4) Recruiting, retaining and supporting quality employees

  • Increase the average score of staff who indicate that their “stress level is sustainable” in the annual staff engagement survey from 3.4 for 2018-19 to 3.58 by focusing on stress management and wellness activities for staff.
  • Increase the average score of staff who feel they are equipped with the tools and training to be successful in their jobs from 3.56 to 3.66 rating by providing training opportunities.

5) Parents and community are engaged and well informed

  • Increase the percentage of stakeholder groups who are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the School District’s communications from 85.8% to 88%.
  • Increase the percentage of stakeholder groups who believe the School District is effective or very effective in providing timely and meaningful information from 88.7% to 90%.