Hudson High School

HHS Academy Mission

The Hudson High School HealthCare and STEM+ Academies provide students with opportunities to develop critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills for post-secondary and future readiness.

Academy Program Overview

The Academies are an innovative program of Hudson High School. In this program, students often work in teams to explore real-world problems and learn about the challenges of project-driven work. Students will explore connections between disciplines through a design thinking process. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of the program. Teachers strive to help students gain invaluable experience in order to prepare them for health care and STEM related school and professions.

Student Expectations

This is a performance based learning experience. Active engagement and perseverance are necessary for success. Students must work collaboratively with others. Students need to be truly invested and interested in exploring the health care or STEM fields.

How Do Students Apply

How to Access the Application:

  • The link for the online application will be posted on the Class of 2022 amd 2023 Google Classroom pages.
    • If your student is not signed up, please have them connect with Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Rossini.

Application Timeframe:

  • Applications will be available from 7:15AM – 3:15PM during school days from February 3-14. Students can receive help with the application before/after school in the Student Services Office or during Academic Wednesday in the LGI.
  • Feb. 10-28: Interviews
  • Mar. 13: Students will be notified via letter mailed home.
  • May 1: Final day to withdraw acceptance

A parent informational meeting will be held on Thursday, January 30th from 6:00-6:30PM in the Fishbowl at the High School. If you cannot attend this meeting, please contact the Academy Lead, Lisa Faletti-Watkins.