Hudson High School
Career Based Learning

Being a member of the HHS Academies is an opportunity to not only learn content, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills but is also an opportunity to learn more about career field interests. This exploration is done through Career Based Learning opportunities and experiences. After completing a Career Based Learning Experience, students fill out a form on either the HealthCare or STEM+ Google Classroom page in order to document what they did and learned from the experience. Below is a list of opportunities and experiences that must be complete by the end of senior year.

Career Based Learning – To be completed over the course of 3 years in the Academy

  1. Attend the Career Fair
  2. Interviews and or job shadows (optional)
  3. Academy Field Experience (optional)
  4. Mentor Program (optional)
  5. Complete the Independent Study Senior Capstone Project

Highly Recommended

The following are not requirements of the HHS Academies, but are  highly recommended things that students should do during their high school career to help them become a well rounded contributing member of the school and community. These groups and activities can help develop leadership, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

  • Participate in one student led group or be an Academy Ambassador for one year
    • Examples include: HOSA, FFA, Student Council, SADD, NHS, Student to Student
  • Do 10 hours of community service/volunteer at school or in the community

Minimum Requirements Per Year for Career Learning Experience

Students who do not complete the minimum requirements for each year will be put on probation the following year. If the requirements are not made up by the end of 1st semester the following year, the student will be excused from the Academies.

Sophomore YearJunior YearSenior Year
Career Fair

Academy Field Experience (optional)

Job Shadows/Interviews (optional)

Mentor Program

Job Shadows/Interviews (optional)

Independent Study Senior Capstone

Job Shadows/Interviews (optional)