Office of the Superintendent

Transforming Spaces Begins with a $15 Million Savings


Recently the Board of Education took action on two very important steps in kicking off the design and construction phase of the High School and Middle School renovations and additions. First the Board authorized the sale of bonds totaling $80,400,000 with an average interest rate of 2.7%. The good news for the community – the estimated savings this provides as compared to what was projected in the pre-referendum planning is $15 million dollars.

With the bulk of financing for the referendum projects secured, the Board of Education selected Bray Architects as the design and construction firm. A preliminary meeting was held with the Bray team to begin planning for engaging staff and students in the design development. Meetings with staff will begin this month. It is our plan at this time to break ground at the Middle School yet this fall. The Middle School addition is tentatively scheduled to be completed by fall or early winter 2017. The High School project will need more time for planning its multi-phased additions and renovations along with upgrades to the auditorium and stadium construction. Groundbreaking at the High School is not anticipated to begin until early spring 2017 with a completion date of late summer 2019.

A significant portion of the meeting included discussions on how best to keep the community informed of the progress on each project. Monthly progress reports will be made to the Board of Education and information posted on the School District’s website. The Board intends to schedule a High School neighborhood meeting yet this summer to listen to and discuss concerns of those community members living around the school. Meetings with the City of Hudson will begin this summer to address site plans, expectations for storm water management, and traffic circulation into and on the school site before construction on the school buildings or fields begins.

This will be a busy summer for the School District. While our student and staff population is far lower than in the school year, there are many who continue to work a portion if not all of the summer providing student enrichment classes, regular credit classes, and remedial support. The design development for both the Middle School and High School will be an exciting addition to our summer months!