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Gratitude and Kindness in Season All Year Long

As the Hudson High School construction project comes to a close, I am grateful that our students have an amazing facility to learn and be active in. I am grateful for the staff who supported our students with skill and grace throughout the construction. I am also grateful for the community’s support and wisdom to invest in the transformation of this school. I hope you will join us for our High School Open House on January 7th to see directly the significant improvements that have been made to our Hudson High School. 

In our Winter 2018 newsletter above, you will find highlights of several “kindness and gratitude” activities taking place in our schools. These activities highlight the commitment of our students to serve their communities and each other. Check out the newly created “Raider Network” story about the generous support of community members to provide “small acts of kindness” every day at Hudson High School. Additionally, we have included information on the 2018-2019 School District Budget, School Report Cards, and Kindergarten registration.

Looking ahead, the Board of Education is expected to take action on new Elementary Attendance Boundaries in January. Over the past nine months, an Elementary Attendance Boundary Committee of over 30 parents and elementary staff have worked with attendance boundary consultants RSP to establish long-term attendance boundaries that balance our elementary student population across our schools. The School District regularly monitors elementary school enrollment and areas of housing growth as part of its long-term planning. After five committee work sessions, two public forums, and online feedback, the committee is forwarding a plan that impacts less than 200 students and provides room for growth at River Crest and EP Rock Elementary Schools where the majority of new housing growth is expected. All of the committee work session documents and community feedback are available on the School District website under the Elementary Boundaries tab.

We are fast approaching the mid-year mark for the 2018-2019 school year. There is much to be grateful for and much to look forward to in the remaining school year. Our Hudson Raider learning community is strong! I am proud to be part of continuing our Raider tradition of excellence!

Wishing our Raider staff, families, and community a joyful holiday season!

Nick Ouellette, PhD