District Strategic Vision

The Hudson School District has a proud tradition of being a school district committed to excellence. Our students, families, staff and community are united in helping all students reach their highest level of academic and personal achievement. This is the Raider Way!

The Hudson Schools serve over 5,600 students in grades pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. Our schools include six (6) elementary schools grades preK- 5, one (1) house concept Middle School grades 6-8, and one (1) blended comprehensive and academy model High School grades 9-12.

The Hudson School District is located in the scenic St. Croix River Valley, just fifteen miles east of the Twin Cities. Hudson Schools cover approximately 77 square miles, including all or part of the City of Hudson, Village of North Hudson and the Townships of Hudson, St. Joseph, and Troy.

Our Core Vision – HSD 2025

To prepare each student for postsecondary success through a culture of excellence.

  • Challenging Academics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Purposeful Collaboration
  • Applied Innovation
  • Global Stewardship

The Hudson School District Believes:

  • All students and staff will learn and perform at high levels.
  • Collaboration and teamwork are keys to success.
  • Personal integrity and ethical behavior is an expectation of students and staff.
  • Environmental sustainability is an essential component in curriculum, practice, and facility operations.
  • Education is a partnership between students, staff, families, and the community.

Graduate Learner Outcomes

Foundational Content Areas: Students will demonstrate skill, knowledge, and understanding of foundational content areas while recognizing and applying connections across all disciplines.

Global Literacy: Students will understand how world cultures and global issues connect to their lives. Students will communicate in more than one language.

Technology Literacy: Students will demonstrate the appropriate use of technology tools, evaluate the quality of sources, and incorporate technology into daily work.

Entrepreneurial Learning: Students will demonstrate their ability to work in teams and collaborate in the spirit of innovation. Students will demonstrate an understanding of what it means to adjust, be flexible, and change a course of action.

Thinking: Students will critically and creatively apply thinking skills and demonstrate the ability to reason through complex problems.

Environmental Sustainability: Students will apply knowledge of environmental sustainability in their personal, professional, and civic life.

Life Skills: Students will demonstrate an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Students will be respectful of self and others and take responsibility for their own behavior.


The Raider Way

When students, families, staff and the community interact with Hudson Schools, we want their experience to be:


No matter a person’s first point of contact within the school district, the experience should be friendly and service minded. We ask everyone to be respectful and provide a safe, supportive learning environment.


The Hudson School District is in the business of serving the educational needs of students. Students are our work and focus is on developing each child to his or her full potential. Each student should be engaged and invested in his or her own learning.


Students need differentiated learning support to be successful. The learning needs of our students are best met by maximizing the talents and contributions of all staff. Providing students and staff with consistent and expected opportunities for collaboration enriches curriculum, maximizes learning, and enhances solutions. In order to meet these expectations and transform learning, continuous improvement is expected, measured and evaluated.

Grounded in a Culture of Excellence

Decisions are made with our students’ best interests in mind. We ensure that high quality, collaborative, and sustained professional staff development is maintained for quality learning and the implementation of best practices. We are committed to developing leaders throughout the organization and increasing the capacity of the School District to improve. We value business and community partnerships that are known to enhance learning and school operations. We know that investing in excellence requires adequate resources, both human and capital, that are necessary to support Hudson’s system of learning.