Hudson High School
Parking Permits & Rules



You can purchase parking permits for the 2023-24 school year in MySchoolBucks beginning on the following dates.

  • Monday, August 14 permits will be available for Seniors and Juniors.
  • Sophomores with a driver’s license will be able to purchase permits beginning on Monday, August 28.

Parking permits will be distributed the week of September 11 during the school day. Students should park on their honor in the student lot until permits are distributed.


Use of the school parking lot is a privilege and is provided for your convenience. Students may park in the school lot if they agree to follow the rules and if they purchase a parking permit. Students are expected to follow the directives of the school staff and security officers. The rules established for the parking lot are to promote safety for all the students who use the lot whether they are riding a bus or in a car. The school is not responsible for damage to vehicles parked in the lot or for lost or stolen items left in the car.

  • Parking permit must be displayed from the rearview mirror in clear view at all times during the school day. The replacement fee for a lost parking hanger is $5.00.
  • Students are to park in designated parking spaces only. Students shall not park in Visitor, Staff, or Reserved parking spaces.
  • Fire lanes are not to be blocked at any time.
  • Students may not sell or transfer individual parking permits to other students. Doing so will result in losing the permit for the rest of the year.
  • If a student replaces this vehicle with another vehicle they must report vehicle information changes to the office.
  • Students are not to re-enter their cars or the parking lot during the school day without a pass from the office.
  • Students are expected to follow directional guidelines in the parking lot.
  •  Students are expected to drive with care in the parking lot and to drive slowly to avoid accidents. Fifteen miles per hour is the maximum speed on school grounds.
  • Cars should be locked. We recommend that valuable items be left at home.
  •  Any student who is absent unexcused one or more hours for more than five days, may lose their parking permit for the remainder of the semester. (This includes students 18 and over).
  •  Students who leave school in their cars, without a pass, are subject to school consequences including the possible loss of their parking permit.
  • The parking lot is on school grounds and all school rules and regulations, as may be modified, apply.
  • Vehicles parked on school grounds are subject to search if an administrator has reason to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or contraband may be present in that vehicle or if there is reason to believe that the vehicle contains an object that may otherwise endanger students and/or personnel.
  • NO REFUND of the $75 parking permit fee will be given to any student who relinquishes their parking permit for failure to comply with above stated Parking Lot Regulations.

Possible consequence(s) for not following the parking lot rules include: Parking ticket, discipline referral, parent
notification, confiscation of parking permit and loss of parking privileges, towed vehicle, police notification, ISS
or OSS.

  • A fine of $10.00 may be charged to the student upon the first offense of the above rules. No warnings may be given.
    ○ 5 issued parking tickets = 1 hour detention
    ○ 7 issued parking tickets = suspension of parking permit with no refund, no activity list, OJT revoked, etc.
  • A city ordinance ticket may be issued for parking in a fire lane or handicap accessible space.
  • Cars parked illegally may be towed at the owner’s expense at the discretion of the District.