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Winter Weather / Winter Gear

Please remember to send your son or daughter with snow pants, boots, jacket, hat, and mittens each day.  Each piece of winter gear should be marked with the student’s name. Students should plan to wear boots everyday to protect their feet from getting wet from snow and to keep their feet warm in the cold temperatures.  If students do not have boots on, they are restricted to play on the blacktop area of the playground. Here are clothing guidelines we use at school:

  • If the temperature is below 50 degrees F, students should wear their jacket.
  • If the temperature is 50 degrees F or higher, it is the student’s choice!
  • In the fall and spring when it is wet and muddy, wear boots.
  • If it is snowy, wear snow pants, mittens, and a hat.  

Here are the guidelines the school follows when deciding if students go out or stay in according to temperatures.  Our students have daily recess except in extreme weather conditions such as rain or severe cold/wind chill.  Our cold weather policy is:

  • If the temperature is 0 degrees F or below, the students will not go outside for recess.
  • If the wind chill is colder than –10 degrees F, the students will not go outside for recess
  • If the wind chill is between 0 degrees F and –10 degrees F, outdoor recess may be shortened or canceled by the principal based on local conditions.

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Guidelines

Due to the safety concerns in the back parking lot, drive through drop offs are not allowed.  Use the sidewalk areas on Lemon Street or Webster Street North (where posted) to drop off or pick up your child.  Please make sure your student/s are using the sidewalks and not cutting through the parking lot to get to the playground/doors of the school.  

For the safety of all children, parents who drop off on the north side of the building, please make sure you are dropping off either before the bus loading zone or after. When vehicles drop off children in between buses, it makes it difficult for buses to safely unload.  In addition, parents are requested to use the drive in front of the building ONLY between the hours of 9:15 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. to quickly pick up or drop off a child. It is important to keep this area free of traffic for children and individuals with handicaps entering and leaving the school.

If you are planning to pick-up your child(ren) at the end of the day, please have them meet you at the front of the school by Doors 1 or 8. 

My School Bucks

Please visit to set up an account for paying registration fees and to set up a lunch account.  After you have set up your account, all you will need is your child’s birthdate to add them to your account.  You do not need to request their student ID.

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