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“Success in life is not determined by power, possessions, position or pleasure, but by the actions we take in helping and serving others.”

The Education Foundation of Hudson aims to inspire students, education and community members to strive to attain their very best and lead a successful life. The Education Foundation believes that high academic standards combined with the positive character traits of helping and serving others are the keys to leading a successful life.

The Education Foundation is proud of the children, teachers, and members of the Hudson community.

Mission Statement

The Education Foundation of Hudson seeks to promote excellence in education through the use of private revenues, focusing support on the following objectives:

  • To both encourage outstanding academic achievement and provide enhanced learning opportunities to students.
  • To encourage and increase local business, civic, and private sector involvement within the schools of our community.
  • To recognize outstanding achievement by teachers and support staff.
  • To encourage creative and innovative educational programs.
  • To promote and maintain use of new technologies in teaching and learning.
  • To promote and teach positive character traits.


  • The Education Foundation of Hudson was formed in 1990. The Foundation operates independently of any Board of Education and is completely funded by private sources.
  • The Foundation was established to strengthen community participation in our schools and provide financial support for creative educational programs, curriculum design, staff development, community service and volunteerism that inspire both students and educators to achieve educational excellence.
  • The Foundation aims to inspire students and educators at all levels to strive to attain their very best and lead a successful life.
  • The Foundation has funded over $2,100,000 of grant requests, teacher excellence awards and student scholarships.
  • The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees. They are committed to maintaining and improving educational excellence and are responsible for selecting awards and grant recipients.
  • The Foundation is classified by the I.R.S. as a 501(c)(3) organization. Financial contributions are fully deductible for income tax purposes.