Elementary Boundary Exceptions

2024-2025 Boundary Exception Applications

Students may request an attendance area exception for the current school year due to a change of circumstances such as their family moving to a different attendance area within the District. Attendance area exception requests for the current school year shall only apply to the remainder of that school year, and the student must submit a new exception request by the April 30th deadline to receive an exception for the upcoming school year.

The Board of Education has established elementary school attendance areas to assure continuation of a quality program, balance class sizes, assure adequate use of staff and facilities, relieve overcrowding and facilitate transportation. The elementary school attendance areas, generally, determine where a student attends elementary school.

Request for Boundary Exception Criteria:

A parent/guardian may request, in writing, to have his/her child attend an elementary school in the District other than the one assigned based on the student’s home address. An attendance area exception request will be evaluated on the following criteria.

  • The request can be accommodated within the pre-established grade/class size standards without the need for additional staff based on current and projected enrollment of the requested school and grade level.
  • The request is based upon educational reasons including, but not limited to, accessing a bona fide curriculum program not offered in all elementary schools, maintaining educational stability for students who are homeless or placed in foster care, or student victims of violent criminal offenses while at school.
  • The request maintains student continuity in an existing school when a parent/guardian moves to another school attendance are within the District.
  • The request enables the student to attend the same school as a sibling already attending the requested school.
  • The request accommodates specific familial preferences such as staff requests to have their child attend school in their building.
  • The request accommodates childcare arrangements.

Elementary Attendance Boundary Exceptions must be submitted every year. Requests for an attendance area exception for the upcoming school year shall be submitted in writing on or before April 30th of the current school year.