Office of the Superintendent

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

Vision: Empowering students to cultivate their talents, embrace their passions, and leverage their learning to impact the world around them.

The Hudson School District is proud to present our new strategic plan that will help guide our work over the next five years. As our mission states, we are dedicated to developing caring and contributing community members. We are collectively committed to providing a rigorous , student-centered environment to ensure equitable experiences for all students. This targeted plan results from months of work by our staff, educators, administrators, parents, students, community members, and the Board of Education.

As part of our strategic plan review and update process, three foundational areas were identified.

  • Our Students – creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment that provides equitable access so all students fully participate in their academic and personal success.
  • Our Staff – recruiting, retaining, and supporting quality employees.
  • Our Community – ensuring that parents and community members are engaged and well informed.

The success of our students is built on a solid foundation of community support and a premier workforce that is provided with adequate resources and professional development. The Board of Education is committed to being exemplary stewards of the resources provided to the School District by our taxpayers. Student success is not dependent on excellent staff and financial resources alone; engaging families and creating a safe and supportive learning environment is critical.

The School District has established data scorecards within each of the foundational areas to measure progress on specific objectives and key indicators. The scorecards provide a year-to-year snapshot of progress, gaps, and areas of concern. Through an annual review of the scorecard data, the Board of Education and administration can establish strategies for continuous improvement.

In addition to vision, mission, and foundational areas, the strategic plan grounds our work within seven (7) core values:

  • Student-Centered – the focus of our decisions
  • Community – sense of acceptance, belonging, and safety.
  • Empathy – understanding and respecting others.
  • Collaboration – collective commitment to common interests and goals.
  • Integrity – honesty and consistency of character.
  • Contribution – mindset of service.
  • Purpose – intentional and determined pursuit of achievement.

It is an exciting time to be part of the Hudson School District as we set a course that aligns priorities, resources, and strategies for students to grow, thrive and succeed.

Nick Ouellette, PhD