Office of the Superintendent

Demonstrated Proficiency in Reading and Math, Staff Recruitment and Retention, and Enhanced Parent and Community Engagement Take Center Stage

In an effort to continue to improve student learning and strengthen our connections with families and the community, the Hudson School District administration and Board of Education recently laid out a comprehensive set of goals for the upcoming school year. 

Our Students: Demonstrated Proficiency in Reading and Math

At the core of the School District’s mission is the commitment to student proficiency in reading and mathematics. These foundational skills are key to a student’s academic success and future opportunities. This past year, Hudson High School students had a composite ACT score of 21.5, with 54% scoring proficient in English Language Arts compared to the state average of 35%. In math, 42.9% of our students scored proficient compared to an average of 27% statewide. Our elementary math achievement is above the 95th percentile in the state. Middle School math gained nearly five percentage points in proficiency last year. 

Looking ahead, this year’s English Language Arts/Reading goal includes 58% of students in grades 3-11 demonstrating proficiency. At 58% proficiency, our students would be performing at the 94th percentile. Similarly, our math goal is 58% proficiency for students in grades 3-11. At 58% proficiency, our students would be performing at the 92nd percentile. 

The School District is determined to provide tailored instruction to meet each student’s unique needs. Goals have also been set to increase the percentage of students meeting English Language Arts and math proficiency within subgroups that include disability, race, economically disadvantaged, and English language learners. 

Our Team: Recruiting and Retaining Staff

We welcomed over 760 staff in August as we started the 2023-2024 school year. Retaining high-quality staff in a tight labor market is challenging for all employers. Research consistently shows that teacher quality is one of the most significant factors impacting student achievement. High-quality staff bring expertise, experience, and dedication to the classroom. When these educators and support staff remain in the School District for years, students benefit from their consistent and effective instruction. 

The School District is focusing on our onboarding and employee engagement processes as retention strategies. Additionally, the School District has maintained competitive compensation packages, robust professional development and support through our teacher mentor and veteran teacher ambassador programs.  

Our Community: Parent and Community Engagement

The School District understands that strong relationships with parents and community members are integral to students’ success. The School District is committed to enhancing communication, collaboration, and involvement to bolster these relationships.  This year, we are increasing the number of opportunities for the community to be in our schools. We are beginning to plan for a spring Future Search event where staff, students, parents, and community members engage in conversations on our preferred future and vision for the Hudson School District. 

As the School District works to achieve these goals, I invite your participation in upcoming events. Your questions and comments are always welcome at connections@hudsonraiders.org. The collective efforts of students, parents, staff, and the community will create a vibrant and supportive learning environment.

Nick Ouellette, PhD