Hudson Middle School
Supporting Your Kids in the Digital Age

The Hudson School District is offering a special series of FREE classes* on helping your child manage Social Media, Cyber Safety and other digital challenges and opportunities. This series of classes is available online and open to families with children in 6th grade. The classes are presented by the Spark & Stitch Institute. Spark & Stitch uses brain science to spark understanding, and stitch science to practical strategies for raising connected and courageous kids online and offline.

Digital media aren't inherently good or bad

The CONNECTED: How to Show Up For Your Kids in the Digital Age is a self-paced online class that will give you:

  • More confidence – you will understand why your child or teen needs you to be their digital mentor while getting equipped with the knowledge and practical skills you need to excel in this critical role.
  • More clarity – there is a lot of conflicting information about screen time in the news and online. This class delivers evidence-based advice, not fear-driven soundbites. Learn what matters most when it comes to digital wellbeing.
  • More connection – you will practice creative ways to connect with your child both on and offline and complete this course with your family’s own inspiring set of commitments to connection.

Be Your Child’s Digital Mentor

Here is what you can expect in the course:

SPARK 1: Connect and Communicate

We get started by explaining why you are already your teenager’s digital mentor, whether you realize it or not.


  • What does an effective Digital Mentor do? Defining and clarifying the role.
  • Reflective exercises to help you understand the digital parenting style you have now and how to become the Digital Mentor your child needs.
  • Exercises to help you catch your kid’s digital strengths.
  • Suggestions for how to handle online challenges.

SPARK 2: Rest and Rejuvenate

It’s hard work to change our relationships with screens. One way to stay motivated through the inevitable push-back is learning the brain science behind when and where kids benefit from digital breaks.

Highlights include: 

  • Why your child needs sleep.
  • The significance of boredom.
  • How moving your body positively impacts your brain.
  • The relationship between spacing out, imagination, and goal setting.
  • Pep talks that acknowledge how and why habit change is hard and tips to keep going.

SPARK 3: Focus and Fire Up

One of the most precious mental resources we have is our attention. Learn more about how to help your child focus attention in a world full of distractions.

Highlights include:

  • Why your child needs you to teach them the art of singletasking.
  • Reactive vs. focused attention.
  • Dopamine and your child’s brain on technology.
  • The attention economy and practicing mindful media habits.

*This series of classes has been made available to Hudson School District families, in part through a grant from St. Croix Valley Foundation and the Hudson Community Foundation.