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Winter Weather Guidelines

Winter Clothing Guidelines:

  • If the temperature is below 50 degrees F, you should wear your jacket.
  • If the temperature is 50 degrees F or higher, it is your choice!
  • In the fall and spring when it is wet and muddy, wear boots.
  • If it is snowy, wear snow pants, mittens, and hat.  

Outdoor Recess Guidelines:

  • Our students have daily recess except in extreme weather conditions such as rain or severe cold/wind chill. 
  • If the temperature is 0 degrees F or below, the students will not go outside for recess.
  • If the wind chill is colder than –10 degrees F, the students will not go outside for recess
  • If the wind chill is between 0 degrees F and –10 degrees F, outdoor recess may be shortened or canceled by the principal based on local conditions.

Students are not permitted to stay indoors, except at the teacher’s request, during recess time without a written request from a physician or a written request from the parent on the day after a prolonged illness. 

If you need any help with winter wear for your kids, please email Ms. Lurndal at lurndalanna@hudsonraiders.org with items and sizes needed.

Hudson Backpack Program

The Hudson Backpack program offers families in need the opportunity to participate in their food support program.  You can sign up to have your student bring home a backpack with food once a week here.  You can also sign up for drive through food pick up or delivery.  New families can sign up here.  If you participated this summer you do not need to sign up again.

Child Drop Off & Pick Up Safety Video

Please take a moment to view River Crest Elementary School’s Safe Drop Off & Pick Up video (click here to view the video).

Classroom Communications

The Hudson School District’s Raider Portal is one way for families to connect to the classroom.

  • Click here to access the River Crest Elementary School Raider Portal page. 
  • The Grade Level tab will take you to classroom weekly news and updates.
  • Select the Classlinks tab to see your child’s information.
  • When you click on Classlinks, choose “Sign in with Google.”
  • Use your child’s Hudson Student Username and Password to sign in.
  • If there is a request to “link data or sync data,” choose yes or OK.