Hudson High School

2024-2025 Student Registration – New and Current Students


If you are new to the Hudson School District, you will need to provide 4 documents to the School District:

  • Verification of your child’s age (either birth certificate, passport, or health record).
  • Verification of your address in the Hudson School District (either lease, recent utility bill, or mortgage).
  • Vaccination record (State law requires all public and private school students to present written evidence of immunization against certain diseases. These requirements can only be waived if a properly signed health, religious or personal conviction waiver is filed with the school).
  • Verification of parent/guardian identity and relationship — official photo identification (driver’s license, passport, or government issued ID) and the student’s birth certificate or court documentation providing proof of parent/guardian relationship.
  • NOTE: The parent who enrolls the student confirms the verification of the second parent as long as the second parent’s name is listed in the student’s birth certificate.

Hudson High School


Students will receive their schedules for the following year in May.  There are three schedule change request windows each year; the week after seniors graduate and the first 4 days of each semester.


During the schedule change request windows, students may drop any course and add another course in their schedule for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Planning on graduating early (completing all graduation requirements by the end of semester 1)
  • Out of course sequence (ex. Culinary 2 instead of Culinary 1)
  • Drop to a study hall
  • Meet graduation requirement
  • Need to support post-secondary pathway
  • Change a level (ex. AP US History to American Studies)
  • Add On the Job Training (OJT) or Youth Apprenticeship (YA)


Scheduling changes will only be considered if there is availability in the class and it does not create an uneven balance in sections. Students must submit the Schedule Change Request form to process a request as the use of email will not be considered for this purpose.

Schedule change requests to OJT or YA may include student release if made during the spring window.  Student release will not be granted with requests made during the first or second semester windows.  

Schedule change requests during the first four school days of each semester may include switching and/or adding courses with no grade penalty.  

Students have the first 10 school days of each semester to drop a course to a study hall without academic penalty.   Dropping a course after this timeframe will result in a failing (F) grade.  Two or more study halls during a semester is prohibited.

Kindergarten Registration:

4K Registration: