The Hudson School District provides tutoring through Community Education. Requests will be filled based on student need and available staff. Families may request a specific staff member given he/she is a Community Education tutor. Hourly fees are listed below.

The following fees will be charged to families who request tutors. Fees are adjusted depending on the number of students who are being served during a session. Sessions with multiple students would be set up with students of similar grade and need. We cannot guarantee that a group session is available at the time a family makes a tutor request.

  • $26.00/hour for 1 staff to 1 student
  • $23.00/hour 1 staff to 2 students
  • $20.00/hour 1 staff to 3 students
  • $17.00/hour 1 staff to 4 students

Tutoring and Music Lesson Request Form