Student Meal Account Information

How do I create a MySchoolBucks Account so I can pay online?

MySchoolBucks is the Hudson School District’s online fee payment service. MySchoolBucks allows you to put money in your child’s meal account and pay for other school fees.

MySchoolBucks allows you to:

  • Pay online for school meals and other school fees.
  • View your child’s meal purchase history.
  • Set up low balance alerts.
  • Schedule automatic payments.

To set up an account click on MySchoolBucks.com. You will need your child’s birthday to add him/her to your account. You do not need your child’s student ID number.

To create an account:

  • Click “Sign Up Free”
  • Select “Wisconsin” as your state
  • Select “Hudson School District”
  • Select “Create Account” after entering your personal information
  • Click here to view a step by step tutorial for setting up your account.

If you need assistance with your account, check out this How-to Videos or Frequently Asked Questions. Or you can call the Nutrition Services Department at 715.377.3717

How do student meal accounts operate?

  • Student Accounts: Each student is assigned a PIN number that remains the same every year. This number gives them access to their meal account. Student accounts operate similar to a checking account.
  • Negative Balances:  Student purchases will not be restricted unless an a la carte restriction form has been made. Parents can check balances and review transactions through the MySchoolBucks portal.
  • Free or Reduced Meals: Applications for free or reduced meals must be filled out each year. Information and applications are available from each school or can be accessed by clicking here.  Students who qualify for free or reduced meals must have money in their account for any purchases other than a meal.  A la carte purchases will be charged to the student’s account and the primary contact will be responsible to pay the balance. We encourage parents to create a free MySchoolBucks account and check the balance and transactions regularly.
  • Putting money in your child’s account: There are two ways to put money in your child’s meal account:
    1. Online: Meal account payments can be made electronically through MySchoolBucks.com.
    2. Check or Cash: Each student has his/her own account. Families with more than one child in school may prepay with one check by noting on the deposit form how much should be deposited in each student’s account (click here for a deposit form). Payments can be dropped off at any school. Deposit boxes are located outside of each school office. Payments can also be mailed to: Nutrition Services, 1501 Vine Street, Hudson, WI  54016. Student accounts will be assessed a fee for all checks returned for insufficient funds. Note: You must complete a deposit request form listing all student names, school, PIN#, and amount deposited to each student.
  • No Cash Policy: No cash will be accepted at the cafeteria line. This eliminates the need for students to carry cash and also expedites the cafeteria serving lines. There are automatic deposit stations in the cafeteria for students to deposit cash into their accounts or to check their balance.

How do I transfer my child’s meal account balance or get a refund?

Click here to download Meal Account Transfer & Refund form

  • Meal Account Transfers: Funds may be transferred from one student account to another OR to the School Meals Angel Account. The Angel Account is used to pay for meals of students in need at the discretion of the school principal and/or Assistant Director of Nutrition Services. You may request a transfer of funds by 1.) calling the Nutrition Services Office 715.377.3717, or 2.) emailing request to nutrition@hudsonraiders.org.
  • Meal Account Refunds: All refund requests must be submitted in writing to address above.. The following information must be provided before the request can be processed. You should receive your refund in 4-6 weeks. If you are moving out of the district, be sure to give a forwarding address. NOTE: We will use all necessary resources to contact the requester if questions arise. However, it is the requester’s responsibility to follow up if request is not received in a timely manner. To obtain Account Balance information, call the Nutrition Services Office at 715.377.3717.