Elementary Facilities Planning – Community Meeting November 1, 2022

Capital Maintenance and Declining Student Enrollment

Community Meeting – November 1st

The Board of Education is holding a Community Feedback meeting on Tuesday, November 1st at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be held at Hudson Middle School in the Multi-Purpose Room by the gym.

Click here for reports and other information related to the Elementary Facilities Planning.

Why Now?

Over the past two years, the Hudson School District has engaged the community, families, and staff in reviewing and planning our long-term facility needs. After a delay due to the pandemic, a Facilities Task Force began meeting in September 2021. This Task Force was made up of parents, community members, and staff. Their work led to the development of options that were presented to the community through a survey last fall. The survey results did not provide a clear direction to the Board of Education. The Board decided that additional research and planning needed to take place. Of primary concern was elementary enrollment projections.

During this planning, the School District has focused on the three challenges listed below.

Capital Maintenance Needs

The School District has worked to maintain facilities within the constraints of its annual budget. Most school district annual budgets do not provide adequate resources for large capital maintenance projects like heating, air conditioning, roofs, and windows. School districts across the state are experiencing the same capital maintenance challenges as Hudson. Annual public school funding simply does not cover these large expenses.

The School District invests approximately $1.5 million to $2 million annually in capital maintenance projects. This annual allocation, at a minimum, allows us to update one elementary school’s electrical and mechanical systems and not provide capital maintenance at any other school site.

Declining Student Enrollments

At the same time the School District has multiple capital maintenance projects, we are also experiencing declining student enrollments. State aid revenue for the School District is determined by the number of students attending our schools. Fewer students means less revenue for the School District. Even if student enrollment holds steady, state aid per student is not likely to cover expenses at the current inflation rate.

Operational Efficiencies

The School District must plan for lower enrollments and reduced state aid to sustain our positive financial standing. Our current budget challenges assume no new K-12 funding in the state biennial budget. Inadequate state funding puts pressure on all aspects of our operating budget. The School District is committed to maintaining academic excellence, adequate resources to met the learning needs of all students, keeping our current class size guidelines, and recruiting and retaining high-quality staff.

As a School District, we strive for the excellence our community expects and our students deserve while being mindful of our taxpayers. Considering the challenges related to capital maintenance, declining student enrollments, and the need for operational efficiencies, the Board of Education is reviewing five (5) potential elementary facility options. The majority of options include closing Houlton and Willow River Elementary Schools. By closing two elementary schools, the School District can assume operational cost savings related to less maintenance and a slight reduction in staff.

We’re Hiring – Custodians

We're Hiring Custodians

Helping children learn and grow is a big job and it takes hundreds of dedicated and caring staff to make it happen. The Hudson School District is proud of our amazing staff who serve students, families, and the Hudson community every day. There are many different jobs but one thing is the same – – our shared passion to have a meaningful impact on the lives of children.

If you are looking for an exciting, challenging opportunity to grow your career, don’t wait — apply today!

We’re here to help! If you have questions regarding position qualifications or application procedures, please give us a call at 715.377.3706

How to apply:

We're hiring paraprofessionals

Join our team - Nutrition Services is Hiring

We're hiring child care workers

An Equal Opportunity Employer

The Hudson School District is an equal opportunity employer. The School District does not discriminate against any person based on age, color, disability, marital status, membership in the National Guard or reserves, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex (unless it is bona fide occupational qualification), or sexual orientation.

Join Our Team

Now hiring call 715.377.3706703
Helping children learn and grow is a big job and it takes hundreds of dedicated and caring staff to make it happen. The Hudson School District is proud of our amazing staff who serve students, families, and the Hudson community every day. There are many different jobs but one thing is the same – – our shared passion to have a meaningful impact on the lives of children.
If you are looking for an exciting, challenging opportunity to grow your career, don’t wait — apply today! Create an account in WECAN (https://wecan.waspa.org) OR support staff can choose to apply using this simple google form https://bit.ly/3PVBzB0
We’re here to help! If you have questions regarding position qualifications or application procedures, please give us a call at 715.377.3706

Kindergarten Orientation – July 2022

Kindergarten Orientation

Save the Date!

Kindergarten Orientation is designed to give soon-to-be Kindergarten children an opportunity to see the school and meet the teachers, and for parents to get a quick overview of your child’s upcoming Kindergarten year.

  • Hudson Prairie – July 14
  • EP Rock – July 19
  • River Crest – July 19
  • North Hudson – July 20
  • Houlton – July 21
  • Willow River – July 26

If you have not registered for the 2022-2023 School Year click here for registration information. 




Celebrating Our Retirees and Honoring Years of Service

Staff recognition banquet program.

On May 11, 2022, Hudson School District Board of Education, Administrative Leadership Team, and Education Foundation of Hudson members held a banquet to celebrate School District retirees and recognize staff years of service.

2021-2022 Retirees

The group of retirees stand together.

Jodi Magee, 35 years Hudson Prairie; Becky Bevers, 23 years HMS; Marie Roe, 17 years HHS; Laurie Harmon, 21 years HHS;  Lisa Kein, 18 years HHS; JoAnn Augustin, 19 years Houlton; LeAnn Stein, 21 years HMS; Sheila Mullally, 26 years HHS; Jane Branson, 18 years HHS; Celeste Nelson, 26 years HMS; Tim Erickson, 16 years Administrative Office; Chloe Brine, 30 years Hudson Prairie/River Crest; Tim Scharfenberg, 28 years HMS; Mary Glasbrenner River Crest. (Not pictured: Becky Brooks, 21 years Hudson Prairie; Jill Germain, 21 years HHS; Thomas Hellmers, 19 years HHS; Shari Pearson, 14 years EP Rock; Bridget Schuett, 24 years, EP Rock; Julie Weinberg, 24 years North Hudson)

2021-2022 Honorees

(Not all staff were present for photos below. Those being honored are listed in alphabetical order.)

10 Years of Service

Staff who have served for 10 years.

Debra Amundson, Garret Belisle, Brandon Bock, Colleen Boissonneault, Beth Buckmaster-Dulon, Jodi Campbell, Tammy Cochrane, Suzanne Dettmann, Susan Erickson, Sarah Grossenbacher, Colleen Gullickson, Aaron Harker, Jennifer Johnson, Susan Judge, Anne Kalsow, Erin McNish, Alissa Miller, Laura Mlynarczyk, Laura Murphy, Edward Schiltgen, Erin Schiltgen, Heather Solie, Amanda Sumser, Amy Weikel

15 Years of Service

Staff with 15 years of service.  Clinton St John portrait

Michelle Beer, Toni Bendlin, Brian Burbach, Guadalupe Castrejon, Mandy Cummings, Teresa Hagar, Joshua Halvorson, Stephen Kennedy, Daniel Rock, Charmaine Lindberg, Tamara McKenzie, Pamela Rohde, Patrick Sahli, Heidi Shimon, Clinton St. John, Kristen Weaver

20 Years of Service

Staff with 20 years of service

Steve Gaffer, Corey Rogers, Kristen Clemmens, Amy Gallick, Lynn Elsenpeter, Paula Willi, Neil Hatfield, Traci Wolfe, Cheryl Klanderman (not pictured)

25 Years of Service

Staff with 25 years of service

Stephen Uhls, Lisa Wasson, Krista Anderson, Stephanie Chukel, James Peterson (not pictured), Amy Davis (not pictured)

30 Years of Service

staff with 30 years of service

Chloe Brine, Jonel McGee, Mary Jo Graetz, Michelle Hagan, Paula Feyereisen (not pictured)

35 Years of Service

Two staff with 35 years of service.

Jodi Magee and Veronica Guzman

Arial view of the banquet.

Nikki Benson hugs retiree Laurie Harmon.  Diane Schofield recognizes Becky Bevers  Nick Ouellette and Tim Erickson

Jim Dalluhn, LeAnn Stein, Celeste Nelson and Tim Scharfenberg

Thank you to the Education Foundation of Hudson for their support and collaboration in hosting this year’s Staff Recognition Banquet. 

Members of the education foundation

Board of Trustee members Lynn Krueger, Scott Snyder, and Ron Bernth.

Click here to learn more about the Education Foundation of Hudson.

Thank You to the Amazing Hudson School District Staff!

Thank you in a heart.
As Staff Appreciation Week draws to a close, we want to take this opportunity to give a public shout-out to the amazing individuals who serve our students, families, and community in the Hudson School District each day.
Our custodial team works around the clock to ensure our schools are clean, safe and comfortable. Each custodian is responsible for approximately 30,000 square feet of building space each day. More than the spaces they clean, they provide a welcoming smile to students and staff.
By 6:00 AM, the School Age Care team opens our elementary doors to children who need care before the school day starts. They greet the child who just wants another hour of sleep with compassion. They enthusiastically engage the child who is wide-eyed and ready to shoot hoops.
Before the schools come alive with student voices, our Nutrition Services staff are busy preparing breakfast and planning for lunch. They serve an average of 1,400 breakfasts and 2,600 lunches each day. When you are running on empty and need a brain break, the Nutrition team is ready to serve.
As the students arrive, support staff are busy answering student and parent questions. They assist with finding and delivering classroom resources, logging absences and connecting students with the items they forgot at home that were delivered by parents. Payroll, accounts receivable, employee benefits, bussing, interviews, background checks, distribution of classroom materials, registration of students – an endless list of job duties that support over 800 staff and 5,400 students. It’s a whirlwind of responsibilities that are calmly managed.
The day’s main event is the learning and connections developed in the classroom. Dedicated teachers, paraprofessionals, Instructional Technology staff, and administrators serve students in concert with each other. Their goal is to empower all students to cultivate their talents, embrace their passions, and leverage their learning to impact the world around them.
The learning and activities do not end when the last bell rings for the day. Some elementary students return to School Age Care, and students across the District participate in club and athletic activities. There are Community Education classes, community youth sports fill our gyms and fields, and those who want to get in a workout enjoy the Raider Fitness Center. These activities could not occur without the coaches, advisors, and support staff who work evenings and weekends.
And when 10:00 PM finally arrives, there is a small but mighty crew of custodians once again preparing schools for the next day.

Exciting achievements for our Hudson DI teams!

DI Seniors

Exciting achievements for our Hudson DI teams!

This year seven teams have qualified for DI Globals. Hudson had 15 teams complete at the state tournament earlier this month.  A special red tie is given to recognize senior teams who compete at the state level.


Human Growth and Development Advisory Council Application

Human Growth and Development Advisory Council
The Hudson School District is looking for parents and community members interested in joining the Human Growth and Development Advisory Council. The council will work to advise the Board of Education in considering applicable statutes, School District policies, standards, and community perspectives. The council will begin meeting in April and continue to meet throughout the following months.
If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Human Growth and Development Advisory Council, please click here to complete the application. 
Hudson School District Teaching & Learning Department

Data Privacy & Security for Families – April 27 @ 6:00 PM

The Hudson School District IT Department is hosting a Data Privacy and Security workshop for families on April 27 at 6:00 PM at Hudson High School.

Why does data privacy and security matter?

  • Protecting your personal devices allows you to better protect your children.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • Cybercrime is up 600%.
  • Detect possible identity fraud.
  • Learn parental control security options.

Our Instructional Technology staff will be available to help you determine what works best for you family’s home needs following their presentation.


Questions? Email us at connections@hudsonraiders.org.

Summer School Session II – Elementary Jump Start Camps

Summer School Session II

2022 Elementary Summer School Session II – Jump Start Adventure Camp

  • Open to all children entering grades 1st – 5th fall 2022-2023
  • When: August 1 -12, 2022
  • Where: EP Rock, Hudson Prairie, North Hudson, and River Crest Elementary Schools
  • Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Click here to register
  • Registrations deadline is July 15, 2022

Introduction to Kindergarten: August 1 – August 12

  • Location: All six elementary schools
  • Open to incoming Kindergarten children who would benefit from spending time preparing for school
  • Cost: Hudson School District residents – no charge; Non-residents – $50 for 10-day session
  • Time: Either 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
  • Registration deadline is July 15, 2022 (Registration opens April 1st)
  • Click here to register for Introduction to Kindergarten

Introduction to Kindergarten will be held at each of our 6 elementary schools for children entering Kindergarten fall 2022. However, if there are not enough children registered at a particular school, families will be asked to attend an alternate school.

This camp is an opportunity for incoming Kindergarten children who would benefit from spending time preparing for Kindergarten. There are two class periods offered (8:00 AM – 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM), you should only sign your child up for one class period.

2022 Elementary Summer School – Session I (June 20-July 1)