Star Grant Program

Education Foundation members and staff posing for camera.

Among those attending the Education Foundation Star Grant Awards ceremony at Hudson High School, or earning grants from the Education Foundation were, front from left to right, Paula Blattner (North Hudson Elementary School), Jodell Krause (Education Foundation), Emma Pike (Hudson Middle School) ; back from left to right, John Kromer (Education Foundation), Nick Ouellette (Superintendent), Beth Juranek (St. Patrick School), Jodi Youngman (Hudson Prairie), Sarah Brackemyer (Willow River), Katie Zehren (Willow River), Dave Grambow (Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning). Not pictured, Molly Dado and Dan Weiland (Hudson High School).

Education Foundation Star Grant Award Recipients

The Education Foundation of Hudson awards Star Grants for innovative classroom projects and curriculum training. The Foundation awarded grants totalling just under $13,700 for six projects involving several educators and touching many schools in Hudson.

Star Grants Provide 

  • “Let Me See Color” – Jodi Youngman at Hudson Prairie Elementary School. Grant used for purchasing two different types of glasses to help people with different types of color blindness see colors. This will allow students with visual impairments to explore colors and mixing colors. Students without visual impairments will have an increased awareness and understanding of color deficiencies. The grant award was $720.
  • Hudson High School HRPN – Dan Weiland at Hudson High School. Grand used for purchasing studio video cameras for the Hudson Raider Programming Network News. The grant award was $3,000.
  • Interactive Read Aloud Books – Paula Blattner at North Hudson Elementary School. Grant used for purchasing an additional grade-level Fountas and Pinnell Classroom Interactive Read Aloud books for 3rd grade at North Hudson Elementary School. The books will be utilized by the Special Education staff and students so that all students have equitable access to high levels of engagement with the texts. The grant award was $1,260.
  • “The Mind and Body Connection” – Molly Dado at Hudson High School. Grant used for purchasing snowshoes in order to connect students with the outdoors and enjoying their time in nature. The grant award was $3,000.
  • Writing in Art – Sue Hellmers at Willow River Elementary School. Grant used for funding Willow River Elementary 4th grade student participation in a Phipps Center for the Arts project that integrates writing into art. The grant award was for $3,000.
  • Educator Book Club – Emma Pike at Hudson Middle School. Grant used for purchasing reading and workbook materials for an educator book club on emotional resilience. The grant award was for $1,000.
  • “Manipulatives Make Math Magical!” – Beth Juranek at St. Patrick School. Grant used for purchasing math manipulatives for children in kindergarten through fourth grade. The grant award was $1,720.

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Star Grants encourage creative ideas that improve the education of students. The program provides resources to students and teachers to implement new initiatives in their schools and the community. Grants can be used in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, classroom innovations, curriculum development, and staff training. Funding may be granted to individuals or groups as sole or matching resources. The grants are to be a means of exploring, developing, and refining ideas for the improvement of education. The maximum grant amount is $5,000.

The Education Foundation is funded by private donations, mostly coming from local and area businesses, individuals, and foundations.

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