Star Grant Program

A group of adults pose for their star grant awards.

Among those attending the Education Foundation Star Grant Awards ceremony at Hudson High School, or earning grants from the Education Foundation were, front from left, Foundation board member Heidi Gilbert, Katie Coppenbarger, Audrey Johnson, and Jodi Youngman; back, Foundation board member Lynn Krueger, Foundation board member Joan Thompson, Dave Grambow, Joshua Weiss, Dan Weiland, Foundation board member Marian Schultz, and Foundation board member John Kromer.

Education Foundation Star Grants Awarded

The Education Foundation of Hudson awarded Star Grants in December, 2019 for innovative classroom projects and curriculum training. The Foundation awarded grants totalling over $15,000 for seven projects involving several educators and touching many schools in Hudson.

Foundation Board President, Lynn Krueger, presented the awards during ceremonies at Hudson High School. He told recipients that the Education Foundation and community are proud of the educators’ efforts to bring innovative ideas to the classrooms of local schools.

November, 2019 Grant recipients included: 

  • United Through Literature: Submitted by 12 educators from River Crest Elementary School. The purpose of the proposal is to introduce character traits to students and support the development of actions and words that promote kindness. The project includes 18-19 copies of seven books. Those submitting the proposal were members of the Positive Behavior Intervention Support Team (PBIS), including Katie Coppenbarger, Linda Jacobs, Heather Ghodsian, Paige Rector, Katie Vanasse, Mary Glasbrenner, Renee Bishop, Zac Rozmiarek, Janice Marske, Marni Poquette, and Cody Olson. The Foundation awarded $2,201.72.
  • Monarch Mania: Submitted by seven educators from Hudson Prairie Elementary School. The project involves the creation of a comprehensive unit of study about monarch migration by planting and maintaining a butterfly garden on the school’s grounds. The project includes the purchase of materials, registration with two monarch organizations and classroom visits from artist Christopher Lutter-Gardella. Those submitting the proposal were members of the Hudson Prairie Environmental Committee including Joe Behnke, Jodi Youngman, Eve Skajewski, Teri Hagar, Susan Johnson, Melissa Burkart, and Jen Johnson. The Foundation awarded $3,000.
  • Attendance at the National Art Education Association Conference: Submitted by art teacher Jodi Youngman from Hudson Prairie Elementary School. The project involves attending the conference held in Minneapolis in March, 2020. The Foundation awarded $245.
  • STRIVE Applied Science Equipment: Submitted by Joshua Weiss from Hudson High School. The project includes new 3D printers and Micro-bits to assist STRIVE students in solving problems through technology and helping to fulfill science requirements for graduation. The Foundation awarded $1,940.86.
  • STEM Lab Equipment: Submitted by Dan Weiland from Hudson High School. The proposal involves the purchase of a new table saw and drill press for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Lab. The Foundation awarded $2,964.08.
  • Light Up the Classroom: Submitted by Audrey Johnson from St. Patrick’s School. The proposal includes the purchase of light tables and related devices for elementary grades to promote sensory play and learning. The Foundation awarded $1,973.94.
  • Literacy Through Play in the 21st Century: Submitted by Emilee Wagner from St. Patrick School. The proposal involves the purchase of numerous reading materials for younger students and other educational projects, toys, and materials. The Foundation awarded $2,748.67.

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Star Grants encourage creative ideas that improve the education of students. The program provides resources to students and teachers to implement new initiatives in their schools and the community. Grants can be used in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, classroom innovations, curriculum development, and staff training. Funding may be granted to individuals or groups as sole or matching resources. The grants are to be a means of exploring, developing, and refining ideas for the improvement of education. The maximum grant amount is $5,000.

The Education Foundation is funded by private donations, mostly coming from local and area businesses, individuals, and foundations.

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