Willow River Elementary

Communicating Student Absences

  • Please call the Attendance Line (715.377.3882) if your child will be absent or arriving late to school.
  • You must call in each day your child is absent, unless you have submitted a Family Vacation Form.
  • Please send a written note with your child when he/she returns to school.
  • The Family Vacation Form should be turned in to the school office one week prior to your child’s absence.
  • A child will be recorded as absent for a half day if he/she arrives at school after 10:00 AM or leaves prior to 2:00 PM.

Compulsory Student Attendance

Regular attendance at school is vital to student learning and success. Student success is at risk when children are not in school.

The primary responsibility for regular school attendance of a child rests upon the child’s parent(s) or guardian. In addition, school officials have a legal responsibility to enforce student attendance in school. It is the intent of the Hudson School District to work as closely as possible with parents/guardians regarding student attendance. Building administrators (principals, associate principals, and deans) are the Board of Education’s designated school attendance officers.

All absences/tardies require parent/guardian written verification in order to be excused. The verification is to be submitted to the building administrator. If written verification is not received, the absence will be considered unexcused. Students arriving late or leaving early require a parent/guardian to come into the office to check his/her child out of school.

Click here to read Hudson School District Compulsory Attendance Policy #431