Hudson High School
National Honor Society

Information and Forms

This group is chosen from students who have earned 3.7 cumulative GPA by the end of first semester of sophomore year, 2 or fewer unexcused instances, and positive recommendations from 5 people (cannot include a boss that pays you and only allows 2 teachers). At the same time, eligible students will be invited to apply for participation in NHS. A faculty review committee will examine the leadership, service, and character traits of applicants. Those who have demonstrated these qualities by being involved in extracurricular and community activities will be invited to participate in NHS their junior and or senior year. At the end of senior year, the participants with a total of 80 service points are inducted into the Hudson Chapter of the National Honor Society. Scholarships are available for its members.

Important Dates

  • Eligible students will be invited to apply about one month after the end of the first semester of sophomore year.