General Information

Our Students

The Hudson Virtual Academy serves students in grades 9-12 across the state of Wisconsin by offering flexible and customizable schedules in a personalized learning environment.  You can choose to have a fully online schedule or you may select from a blend of online and face-to-face classes available at Hudson High School.  

Student with diploma from HVA

Our Team

We are here to support you! The Hudson Virtual Academy provides students with a team-based system of support.  All Hudson Virtual Academy students have access to resources and support from the Virtual Learning Coordinator, online instructors, counselors, IT services personnel, and additional staff.  

Our Curriculum

Our standards-aligned online curriculum offers a high-quality, free public education option for students from across Wisconsin in grades 9-12.  Our online learning resources and instruction are supported through a close partnership with Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS), the state-led supplemental online course provider for Wisconsin since 2000. In addition, some Hudson Virtual Academy courses are created and taught by our Hudson High School teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t live in Hudson, can I still take online classes through the Hudson Virtual Academy?

Yes, students in grades 9-12 from anywhere in Wisconsin are welcome to apply to attend the Hudson Virtual Academy.  Please note that for students who reside outside of Hudson School District, access to the Hudson Virtual Learning Academy requires open-enrollment into the district.   

Will I receive a computer from the Hudson School District?

Yes, all Hudson students in grades 9-12 receive a district-issued chromebook for use at home or at school for the duration of the school year. At the conclusion of each academic year, the device must be returned to the Hudson Virtual Academy Coordinator or the IT Department. In addition, families may request assistance with internet access by reaching out to the Virtual Academy Coordinator.

Do I need to login to work on my online classes at a specific time of the day? 

No, our online courses are offered asynchronously meaning that you as the learner get to decide when and where to work on completing your course.  Online instructors do offer optional office hours on a weekly basis for students who wish to talk with their teachers in real-time. 

Can I work on my online coursework at school? 

Yes, dedicated space is available for students to use while completing their online coursework.  Certified staff are on-hand to offer supervised support at the Hudson High School. 

Can I work on my online coursework at home? 

Yes, students may work on one or more of their online courses at home during the school day instead of reporting to the physical school building.  

Can I partipate in extracurricular activities?

Yes, students may participate in a variety of extracurricular activities; activity restrictions vary, please see WIAA transfer rules or contact Virtual Learning Coordinator with any specific questions.