Willow River Elementary
Elementary Orchestra Program

Welcome to Hudson’s Elementary Orchestra Program!

Our program is open to students in grades 4-5. After elementary school, our program continues through Middle and High School.

How does the program work?


How often does it meet?

  • Students have lessons once per week and all lessons are during the school day
  • Students need to bring their instrument to school that morning and back home with them the same day
  • Current Schedule for Mrs Peterson:
    • Monday: Willow River 4th Grade and Houlton
    • Tuesday: River Crest
    • Wednesday: EP Rock
    • Thursday: Willow River 5th Grade and Hudson Prairie 4th Grade
    • Friday: North Hudson 4th Grade and Hudson Prairie 5th Grade

Are there concerts?

  • One in January and one in May

How much practicing is recommended?

  • 10 to 20 minutes per day

What instruments can my child play in orchestra?

  • Students can choose from violin, viola, cello or bass

My child has never played an instrument before. Is this a problem?

  • Our program is designed for the beginner!  We teach them how to read music as well as play their instrument.

My child has played a stringed instrument for a while.  Is this the right place for them?

  • Of course!  We love having experienced players participating in the program.

    • More experienced players can play with the more advanced 5th grade group

    • Less experienced players can play with the 4th grade group and help other students

My child is going to be in 5th grade next year and did not participate in orchestra in 4th grade. Can they still join?

  • Yes! These students are given extra practicing assignments in order to help them get caught up with their 5th grade peers. Usually these students are caught up by March, at which time they join the 5th grade students and their lesson schedule.

What are the rental costs?

  • All rental programs begin with a 4-month introductory period

    • Begins in September

    • Violin and viola: $45

    • Cello: $65

    • Bass: $95

      • Cellos and basses cannot ride the bus!

  • After the 4 month period, instrument rental is charged monthly. Costs vary by store.

I already have an instrument for my child to use. 

  • Contact me either by phone or email and we can arrange a time for me to check out the instrument to make sure it is in good shape and the correct size for your student.

Is there anything I need to purchase?

  • All students must purchase an Orchestra Expressions Book 1 for their instrument

  • Music stands are available to purchase for home practice. Having a music stand at home is not required but strongly suggested!

What do we do next??

  • Fill out the Registration Form and return it to your child’s classroom teacher or to the main office of your child’s school

  • All string instruments come in different sizes! Your child will need to be sized for the correct size instrument. We can arrange to have this done at school (see weekly schedule above to see when we will be at your child’s school) or you can bring your child with you to the music store you plan to rent from.  Eckroth and employees are able to measure your student.

  • Set up a rental plan! The contact information for Eckroth Music is below. Additionally, you can check out the separate information for Eckroth provided on this website. We work with Eckroth specifically because of the quality of instruments and service that they provide. If you are unable to visit the store, you can call to take care of the rental over the phone or use Eckroth Music’s easy-to-use online rental.

  • Orchestra lessons will begin the week of September 16th. A reminder will be sent home the first week of school notifying you of this first lesson. Students who set up their rental prior to August will receive their rental instrument and book at their first orchestra lesson!

  • More details and registration forms can be found at: https://sites.google.com/hudson.k12.wi.us/elementaryorchestra/registration

  • The deadline to register for orchestra is Friday, October 4th!

Music Stores:

Eckroth Music

3065 Centre Point Dr.

Roseville, MN 55113