Hudson High School
Raidaires – Dance Team

2021-2022 Raidaires

Competition Schedule:

  • Saturday, Dec. 4th – Menomonie Holiday Classic Invite
  • Saturday, Dec. 11th – Little Chute Holiday Dance Invite
  • Saturday, Jan. 15th – Conference
  • Saturday, Jan. 29th – WACPC Regionals
  • Saturday, Feb. 5th – State

Important Dates:

Hudson Raidaires Dance Team Takes 2nd Overall in the Big Rivers Conference 

Picture of Varsity Raidaires in red costumes

Pictured: Hudson Varsity Raidaires Dance Team
Top row (left to right): Lauren Schmitz, Avery Solheid, Tori Piehl, Beth Piehl, Gwen Schirmacher, Elise Bailey, Izzy Dalton, and Ella Quinn.
Middle row (left to right): Jada Jeske, Callie Waldschmidt, Mya Huppert, Aubrey Loe, Natalie Bendlin, Hunter Sivek, Ruby Nelson, Meade Sames, and Haley Prince.
Bottom row (left to right): Hailey Plourde, Addison Thompson, Ciara Sorensen, Sydney Warren, Ayva Schabo, Allison Jones, Sophi Johnson, and Lauren Kromrey.
Not pictured: Sophia Huber, Emily Heckmann, Grace Hackbarth, and Lucy Trainer.
Last weekend the Hudson Varsity Raidaires competed at the Western Wisconsin Conference Competition. The back-to-back, reigning Division 1 Kick State Champions lived up to their title by placing 1st in Big Rivers Conference Kick as well as 2nd in Big Rivers Conference Jazz—earning them 2nd overall in the conference.

Hudson also impressed with their solos and ensembles. Junior Ruby Nelson, Junior Meade Sames, and Freshman Callie Waldschmidt were selected as members of the First Team All-Conference for their solo performances. In the ensemble competition, Senior Sydney Warren and Senior Natalie Bendlin’s duet, Senior Aubrey Loe and Sophomore Ciara Sorensen’s duet, and a trio by Senior Sophi Johnson and Juniors Hailey Plourde & Lauren Schmitz, were all selected for the Second Team All-Conference. Aubrey and Ciara took 3rd overall and Sophi, Hailey, and Lauren took 1st overall.
The Raidaires are coached by Bailey Mutschler, Gretchen Hoehn, Kristin Van Den Broeke, and Monica Servi. This season’s Kick and Jazz choreography is by Coach Monica Servi.
Picture of 12 Raidaires dancers in red costumes
Pictured: Hudson Varsity Raidaires Soloists & Ensembles
Top row (left to right): Callie Waldschmidt, Aubrey Loe, Sydney Warren, Natalie Bendlin, Ruby Nelson, Meade Sames, Izzy Dalton, and Ella Quinn.
Bottom row (left to right): Lauren Schmitz, Hailey Plourde, Sophi Johnson, and Ciara Sorensen.  

12/9/2021 – Hudson Raidaires Dance Team “Clean Sweep” at Menomonie Holiday Classic Competition and Newly-Formed Middle School Raiderettes Place 3rd

Last weekend the Hudson Varsity Raidaires Dance Team and Middle School Raiderettes Dance Team competed at the Menomonie Holiday Classic Invitational.  This was both team’s first competition of the season.

The back-to-back reigning Division 1 Kick State Championship dance team did not disappoint!  They placed 1st in all four team style categories: Pom, Kick, Jazz, and Hip Hop.  Hudson also dominated in the solo and ensemble categories as well.  Senior Sophia Huber earned a special “Showstopper” Judges Choice Award and 1st place in the solo category, followed by freshman Callie Waldschmidt in 2nd, and senior Hunter Sivek in 3rd.  Ruby Nelson and Meade Sames placed in the top half of the solo competition.  In the ensemble category senior Sophi Johnson and juniors Lauren Schmitz and Hailey Plourde earned a “Triple Threat” Judges Choice Award and the 1st place title for their trio. Following suit in 2nd place was a duet by senior Aubrey Loe and sophomore Ciara Sorensen, and in 3rd place, a duet by seniors Natalie Bendlin and Sydney Warren. Freshmen sisters Beth and Tori Piehl placed top half in their duet.

The Raidaires are coached by Bailey Mutschler, Gretchen Hoehn, Kristin Van Den Broeke, and Monica Servi. This seasons Pom choreography is by Coach Gretchen Hoehn.  Kick, Jazz, and Hip-Hop choreography is by Coach Monica Servi.

For the first time in Hudson athletic history, a dance team was formed at the Middle School level.  Named after the original Hudson High Dance Team from the 1970’s, the Raiderettes placed 3rd in Pom at their first-ever competition beating out other well-established programs. The Raiderettes are coached by Caitlan Blomker, Caroline Witchell, and Olivia Weinberger.  Pom choreography is by former long-time successful coach, Kim Hoff, and current Varsity Coach, Kristin Van Den Broeke.

Raidaires are State Champions in D1 Kick, 2nd Year in a Row

On Sunday, April 25th, Varsity earned first place D1 Kick for the second year in a row with their athletic, swing-themed kick routine to ‘Sing, Sing, Sing.’ The Varsity Raidaires also took 3rd place in D1 Jazz with their captivating performance to ‘Hopeless Wanderer’ by Mumford and Sons. The cherry-on-top of the weekend came when a trio and solo were awarded All-State Honors. A trio performed by Sophi Johnson (junior), Lauren Schmitz (sophomore), and Hailey Plourde (sophomore) took third place in the state. Lastly, Elle Fallon (senior) was awarded a spot on the 2nd Team of D1 All-State.

Image of Varsity Raidaires in white costumes

Front Row (left to right): Grace Hackbarth (freshman), Hailey Prince (junior), Marissa Brown (senior), Elle Fallon (senior), Ella Blomker (senior), Madison (Madi)  Dulon (senior), Mikaela Bolopue (senior), Gabby Maack (senior), Elliana Hurtgen (senior) Middle Row: Addison (Addi) Thompson (sophomore), Natalie Bendlin (junior), Lauren Schmitz (sophomore), Ciara Sorenson (freshman), Mya Huppert (sophomore), Hunter Sivek (junior), Sophi Johnson (junior), Sophia Huber (junior), Ruby Nelson (sophomore)

The JV Raidaires are Double State Champions

Championship Competitions! At the JEM State Championship in Port Washington, WI on Saturday, April 24th, 2021, they took first place in both D1 Pom and D1 Jazz! JV State soloists Gwen Schirmacher (freshman) and Allison Jones (freshman) took home first and second place respectively, and duets performed by Renee Vanderwerff (sophomore)/Ryannah Nelson (sophomore) and Jada Jeske (sophomore)/Emily Heckmann (sophomore) also took home first and second respectively.

Image of JV Raidaires - 9 dancers

Back (left to right): Elle Quist (freshman), Emily Heckmann (sophomore), Renee Vanderwerff (sophomore), Gwen Schirmacher (freshman), Jillian Ulrich (junior) Front (left to right): Allison Jones (freshman), Jada Jeske (sophomore), Ryannah Nelson (sophomore), Lily O’Brien (freshman)

Raidaires placed at Nationals in Orlando, Florida
The Varsity Raidaires Dance Team placed 2nd in Large Pom and 3rd in Large Kick at the Contest of Champions National Competition in Orlando, Florida on February 29th taking home two trophies. The team also placed 6th in Large Jazz.

Raidaires are State Champions in Division 1 Kick
The Hudson Raidaires Dance Team made history at the Wisconsin Association of Cheer/Pom Coaches Association (WACPC) State Championships in La Crosse Saturday Feb. 1, bringing home the team’s first championship trophy for Division I Kick with its heart pounding routine to Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker.”
The team also captured second place in Division 1 Jazz with its inspiring routine to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

The Hudson Raidaires Varsity Dance Team kicked off their competition season at Wauwatosa West High School on November 9th. The Raidaires prepared 3 routines for this competition, made up of some of the top programs in the state. The Raidaires topped the Jazz and Kick categories and placed second in Pom. They also awarded the Excellence in Artistry Award for their Kick routine.

A number of Hudson dancers also competed in the solo and duet portions of the competition. Brooke Jackson placed second overall in the solo division. The duet performed by Ella Blomker and Alivia Tennant was awarded first place.

Team picture of the Varsity Raidaires

Back row, left to right:
Anna Nelson, Maddi Miller, Sophia Huber, Lauren Schmitz, Alivia Tennant, Ella Blomker, Hailey Plourde, Avery Solheid, Mikaela Bolopue, Marissa Brown, Natalie Bendlin
Middle row, left to right:
Etta Zontelli, Emily Waldschmidt, Sophi Johnson, Aubrey Loe, London Gannon, Hailey Burgraff, Gabby Maack, Hunter Sivek, Natalia Rulli, Elliana Hurtgen, Kassie Ehrman
Front row, left to right:
Lexie Sherman, Brooke Jackson, Hailey Wilson, Julia Bartels, Jordan Thill, Elle Fallon, Maddi Dulon