E.P. Rock Elementary
Elementary School Years

We believe parents and teachers are partners in a child’s education. To maximize communication and reduce our use of paper, we send all information electronically. Please contact the school office if you are unable to access electronic communications and we can provide you with paper copies. If you have any suggestions to improve family communication, please let us know.

Assignment Notebooks

Assignment notebooks are used daily for students in grades 2-5. Each day your child will write down reminders and assignments that need to be communicated to you. Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child’s teacher any time in the assignment notebooks. Parents are required to sign assignment notebooks daily to ensure good home-school communication. This habit of becoming organized and responsible is an essential skill for our students.

School News

You will receive a weekly email to provide you with up to date information for you and your child. Information will include upcoming events, classroom news and special school news. These weekly communications are also posted on our website.

Classroom Updates

Each classroom will provide a brief weekly update and post these on their Class Page which can be accessed through the Staff Directory.

Reflections and Problem Solving Procedures for Families

We want to know what you think about our schools. Please call or drop in at any time to share your thoughts about our school. When you are especially pleased about something a teacher or the school is doing, it would be great to hear from you. If your child tells you something about school that sounds unreasonable or you have a question about, please send us a note or give us a call. This type of communication helps prevent misunderstandings. If you are concerned about a situation that is impacting your child’s education, please always talk directly with staff member involved first. Most concerns can be resolved at this level. If you cannot resolve the conflict or get an answer to a question, please contact the principal.