Hudson High School
School Counselors

Current Student Transcript Request:

From Your Class Link select the Xello Icon and Log into your account (information given at your class meeting)

  1. From their Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Applications.
  2. From their list of institutions, they select the one to which they’d like their transcript sent.
  3. Under the Requirements Checklist they find Transcript.
  4. To the right, they click the three dot icon and select Request Transcript.

A banner at the top of the screen will indicate the request was sent.


Counselor Letter of Recommendation request 

Financial Aid Presentation from 10/16/19 – UWRF

Sophomore Planning Meeting Presentation



Scholarship list for the class of 2020.

Upcoming College Visits

11:30 amForum/Lunchroom
**Army will be here the second Wednesday of each month.
***Navy will be here the first Tuesday of each month.

Incoming Freshman Orienation Meeting Presentation from 1/20/2020

Class of 2023 – 10th Grade Registration Presentation

Class of 2022 – 11th Grade Registration Presentation

Class of 2021 – 12th Grade Registration Presentation

Student Services Department Newsletters

 Spring Edition 2020

Winter Edition 2020

Early College Credit Program – Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction


How to Access your ACT Scores online