Hudson High School
Raider Elite Athletic Performance

2022-2023 Raider Elite

The Raider Elite program is FREE to all Hudson School District residents both in and out-of-season. Our Athlete Performance program is designed to develop the student-athlete’s total performance capabilities, including strength and conditioning, leadership development, nutrition, and academics. All areas shall be conducted in a manner that plans multiple peaks throughout the athletes’ competitive season as well as career. All programs will be constructed around the following list of principles, will be evidence based, and will incorporate appropriate progressive overload and periodization.

Registration Dates

Raider Elite – Spring 2023 Session

  • Registration will open on Monday, February 27th at 8:00AM
  • Session begins on March 20th and ends on June 1st.
  • Registration – 3:00PM Session
  • Registration  – 4:00PM Session
Raider Elite – Summer 2023 Session
  • Registration will open on Saturday, April 1st at 8:00AM
  • Session begins Monday, June 19th and ends on Thursday, August 17th.
  • Register HERE