Hudson High School
Yearbook Information




Yearbook scholarships will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Priority is given to seniors.

  1. An application form can be picked up from your guidance counselor or social worker.
  2. Students should make an appointment with their counselor or social worker to turn in the application.

A limited amount of books will be available. Financial assistance needs and grade-level will determine eligibility. Students may receive up to two yearbook scholarships over their four years in high school.



June 3rd

As you are preparing for summer break, we need to start planning for next year’s yearbook and the senior portraits for the class of 2025. Seniors have two options for senior portraits: They can either have a photo taken by a photographer of their choice and upload the portrait to, or they can use the portrait they have taken during registration by Lifetouch and the yearbook staff will upload this photo for them.

If a student prefers to upload a senior portrait photo, the photo must be uploaded by November 2, 2024 to with USER ID: 447305957.  Plan early and make your photography appointments soon. If a photo is not uploaded by November 2, 2024 then the Lifetouch photo will be used instead. If a student does not have a Lifetouch photo taken at school, the student will be listed as not pictured at the end of the class of 2025 pages.

Photo consistency is essential to the professional appearance of the senior pages. If you are having a photographer take your photo, please take this letter to your photographer to ensure that your photo meets our specifications. Photos must meet all requirements below:

Photo size: Minimum 2.5 horizontal x 3.5 vertical. Overall portrait shape needs to be vertical orientation and not horizontal.

Photo Style: Photos should be a headshot format from the shoulders up. We want to be able to see your face!

Background: NO props, NO hats, NO hands near face, NO light filters, and lights highlighting the back of your head. Background scenery is ok.

Resolution: Minimum 300 dpi (anything smaller may result in a poor-quality printed image and will not be accepted.)

File format: JPEG file format only. NO TIFFS or PNG files are allowed for senior portraits.

Steps for photo submission: Due by November 2, 2024 and all students are responsible for ensuring their submissions.

  1. Go to and enter USER ID: 447305957

    Another option is to click on the link,

  2. Choose the photo to be uploaded.  Each student may only submit ONE photo.

  3. Provide parent or photographer contact information. (Person uploading the photo should enter his/her information)

  4. Provide IMAGE information

    Type student’s first and last name. It is extremely important to spell the student’s name correctly.      Select grade 12 from the drop down menu.

  5. In the description field, type: senior portrait

  6. Click the box to agree to terms and conditions.

  7. Click on upload chosen images in the gray box to complete the process.

  8. You will see a confirmation page and should receive a confirmation email shortly after you submit your photo.

ALL YEARBOOK PHOTOS MUST MEET THESE MANDATORY SPECIFICATIONS. Again, if a senior photo is not submitted on time with the above requirements, the senior photo will be rejected from the yearbook and the Lifetouch photo taken at registration will be used instead. If a Lifetouch photo is not available, this may result in a “not pictured” listing. There will be no exceptions to these rules. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our yearbook adviser, Ashley Blum.