Hudson Middle School
School Counselors

The Student Service Staff includes the prevention specialist, school counselors, school psychologist, and school social worker. We work together to support all students academically, social/emotionally, and to become career ready. We are available through phone contact, email and appointments if needed. Please reach out to your child’s grade level school counselor or building level school counselor, the school social worker, the school prevention specialist, and/or the school psychologist for any questions or supports you may need. Students wanting to see a school counselor are encouraged to schedule an appointment through Student Services Assistant. Students will use time before and after school and between classes to schedule appointments.The purpose of the Hudson Middle School counseling program is to address the needs of our young people in a systematic manner so they will have the opportunity to continue developing the skills necessary to learn, grow, and develop. We provide this support through individual meetings, small group sessions, and classroom guidance lessons.Families desiring to see a school counselor are asked to call 715-377-3820 and ask for the appropriate grade level school counselor or building level school counselor.