Hudson High School

School counselors work to maximize student success, promoting access and equity for all students. As vital members of the school leadership team, school counselors create a school culture of success for all (from the American School Counselor Association).

In order to support students and families to the best of our ability, we have reevaluated how we divide our caseloads. We want to provide consistency with our families, students and staff by ensuring the same counselor would be working with the same family over the years they have students in the building. Starting this summer, our caseloads will be reassigned as follows:

Katie Francis:          Last Names A-Col 

Jessica Siler:           Last Names Com-Han

Nathan Gehring:      Last Names Hao-K 

Lori Rossini:            Last Names L-N 

Ronni Hupp:            Last Names O-Sit 

John Dornfeld:        Last Names Siu-Z 


  • Students that show a course “0” hour on their schedule:    These courses are done either outside the school day independently, or help specific teachers monitor students as needed for academic support.  These courses do not take attendance and will not be part of the attendance policy.  Unless the course has a credit attached to it, there will be no grades attached to it.  We are sorry for the confusion this has caused over the past couple of weeks.
  • Student schedules are final for semester 1:   As of October 1 students can no longer drop a course to a study hall or make other changes.  If you or your student has a concern about a class, please have them set up an appointment with their counselor as soon as possible.
  • OJT and Youth Apprenticeship:  Please keep in mind if your student does not complete all the requirements for these courses, have a failing grade (s) or poor attendance, their release time can be removed.
  • Wisconsin Virtual Academy Courses:  Students are expected to complete their WVS courses at the same time as their HHS courses, the WVS dates do not align with HHS, but students should plan accordingly and work at a stronger pace.
  • Early College Credit/Start College Now:  The applications will go to the October board meeting and families will receive their approval letters in late October.  Students are responsible for setting up the meetings at the post-secondary school once the approval is received.  If their course falls within the school day, students must make an appointment with their counselor prior to semester 2 so they can adjust their HHS schedule to accommodate these courses.

The School Counseling Program at Hudson High School is a collaborative effort involving students, staff members, parents, and the community. We provide support to all students with academic issues, educational and career planning as well as personal/social concerns. Students receive services through classroom instruction, small groups and individual meetings.

Classroom Instruction Small Groups Individual Meetings
9th Grade Depression Screening Grief Group Academic Support
Registration Strategies for test taking and studying Personal concerns
Senior Year Information New student Social support
Junior Year Information Family change Post-secondary planning
Sophomore Planning Meetings
Freshman Respect Retreat

Financial Aid Night

On October 3rd, 2023 the Hudson High School Counseling Department hosted a Financial Aid Night.  A college representative from UW-Superior will walked us through the FAFSA and why it is important to fill it out for any student attending college.  Below are resources from the presentation.

2022-2023 Scholarship Opportunities

Here you will find the 2022-2023 Scholarship Opportunities.

Early College Credit – Start College Now

Start College Now and Early College Credit information and links:
Deadline for applications:  Oct 1 and March 1.  Submit the completed application to Lori Rossini, School Counselor
Have your student see Lori Rossini, or their counselor, for questions and support regarding these college credit programs.  They will answer any questions they have and help them make course decisions and the impact to their course pathway at HHS.

Early College Credit Program – Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION request.  Please use this form to request a letter of recommendation from  your counselor.  Thank you.

Current Student Transcript Request:

From Your Class Link select the Xello Icon and Log into your account (information given at your class meeting)

  1. From their Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, students click College Applications.
  2. From their list of institutions, they select the one to which they’d like their transcript sent.
  3. Under the Requirements Checklist they find Transcript.
  4. To the right, they click the three dot icon and select Request Transcript.

A banner at the top of the screen will indicate the request was sent.

For graduated HHS students, please complete this form:  Transcript Request Form

Counselor Letter of Recommendation request 

How to Make an Appointment

  • Students wanting to see a school counselor should schedule an appointment by clicking on the appropriate appointment link and are encouraged to schedule appointments during a study hall if they have one.
  • Parents wanting to schedule an appointment should contact the student services office at 715-377-3803 or contact the appropriate student services staff member directly.

How to Access your ACT Scores online

The Student Services Department includes the school counselors, school social worker, prevention coordinator and school psychologist. The purpose of our program is to address the needs of our students in a comprehensive manner so they will have the opportunity to continue developing the skills necessary to learn and grow. We work collaboratively to support all students in the following domains: academics, social/emotional learning, and career exploration.  We provide this support through individual meetings, small groups, and classroom instruction. We are available through phone contact, email and by appointment.  Please reach out for any questions or supports you may need.