E.P. Rock Elementary

Students receive support to maximize their learning from various personnel in the school system. Families and students can expect a team approach in all areas of student learning. Your child’s classroom teacher will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding learning supports that are being utilized to help your child succeed in their education.


Each grade level has a 30 minute intervention block to meet student needs. Teachers collaborate every 6-8 weeks to look at student data and determine needs in reading and math. Students may be a part of a group with a math or reading intervention, daily guided reading to provide more time reading, math pre-teaching, or curriculum extensions.

SST – Student Support Team

We have a Student Support Team that meets to specifically support student learning and behaviors. The team develops a goal and plan to help all students grow academically and behaviorally.

PBIS Tier 2 Team

This team of teachers looks specifically at data around student behaviors and determines interventions for support. These interventions may include a daily check in and check out program where students have a mentor and point system related to being respectful, responsible, and safe. We have SAIG groups to reteach behavior expectations. WOW buddies are adults who meet with students to celebrate a high point of the day.