Hudson Middle School
Middle School Years

The Middle School years mark a period of transition between childhood and adolescence. Throughout this period, the child develops at different rates physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Our Middle School learning community shares the responsibility for creating a positive, mindful and purposeful learning community.

Sensitive to the basic developmental characteristics and personalized needs of this age group, we seek and plan experiences to foster thoughtful self-development, confident self-direction, and the development of strong and positive inter-personal relationships. Scholastically, we focus on skill building, habits of mind, and effective communication (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Of great importance are classroom experiences promoting complex thinking and problem solving strategies and skills. We aim to provide for a wide range of intellectual, moral, social, creative, emotional, and physical development. Our curricular program includes core, exploratory and elective courses. We are focusing our efforts on creating a learner-centered and collaborative learning environment where we know ourselves as learners (strengths and struggles) and ways we can contribute to the larger community.

We Serve Grades 6, 7, and 8th

What is the Middle School House Concept?

The Middle School House Concept is an organizational approach – a small school within a school. Organizing our school into “houses” with Teaching Teams addresses a variety of needs of middle level learners. This structure also provides a more unified, consistent and personalized approach to teaching and learning for intellectual, social, and emotional development of students.

Teachers in the subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts are organized into inter-disciplinary teams. Each team works with a group of “house” students organized around these subjects. Students are assigned to these teachers for the larger part of their day.

Exploratory courses are scheduled throughout the students’ day and each “house” is assigned a designated time. Eighth Grade students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of electives. Specialists who teach these courses collaborate when possible with the “houses” to provide a more complete interdisciplinary experience. Specialists include teachers of Art, Music (vocal and instrumental), Physical Education, Health, Technology Education, Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS), Business Education, Geography, World Languages, and Computer Education.