School Board Elections

Meet the Candidates

There are two seats open for this year’s spring School Board election. The candidates are listed in the order they appear on the Spring Election ballot (April 4, 2023).

Megan Rozowski

Describe your background: I grew up in River Falls where I attended public K-12 and graduated in 2000. I attended Greenwood Elementary, a small community elementary school, where I received the foundation to succeed in my education and career.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Carleton College. I also earned a Master of Public Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Policy at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities where I focused on advanced policy analysis and education policy.

I am the Director of Research and Policy Development at the Minnesota Private College Council, a consortium of 18 private nonprofit colleges. I serve on several State of Minnesota work groups that focus on the education to workforce pipeline. This work includes analyzing K-12,  higher education, and workforce data to better understand individual, community and state needs related to education and workforce development.

I am also involved in work to improve academic outcomes and opportunity, with a particular focus on eliminating educational opportunity and achievement gaps for low-income students and students of color. Everyone should have the opportunity to follow the career path that align with their interests and abilities and have access to higher education or vocational training to make those dreams a reality. The education students receive at our schools is key to creating that opportunity. If a welder’s kid wants to be a doctor, they should be able to follow that path. As should a doctor’s kid who wants to be a welder.

Describe your involvement in the Hudson School District or Hudson community: My husband Anand and I live in St. Joseph Township with our two daughters, Sarka (7) and Roza (2). Sarka is a second grader at Houlton Elementary and Roza will enter 4K in the fall of 2025. My mom and stepdad live in North Hudson.

I have been actively advocating to save Houlton Elementary and Willow River Elementary. I have been working alongside other parents and community members to preserve the small, community elementary schools that are crucial to our children’s education, our neighborhoods and our community.

Why are you running for School Board? Working with other families to save our schools led me to decide to run for School Board. My research, data, and policy analysis skills and experience will be an asset to the School Board as we work with the district and community to confront challenges and harness opportunities. The following issues are ones I hope to address as a member of the School Board:

  • Saving Houlton and Willow River Elementary
  • Making our schools safe places for all students to learn, grow and thrive
  • Improving academic outcomes so all students are meeting reading and math benchmarks
  • Making sure our students are ready for their post-high school college and career plans
  • Increasing transparency and access to information for parents and the community
  • Efficient, effective use of taxpayer funds
  • Retaining our wonderful teachers and support staff
  • Increasing efforts to address bullying
  • Increasing efforts to address student mental health
  • Doing more to support and meet the needs of special education students

You can find out more at meganforhudsonschools.com

Heather Logelin

Describe your background: Both of my parents were public school teachers, so I grew up appreciating the value of public schools, especially in small communities. I attended a Catholic grade school and a public junior/senior high school. I did my undergraduate work (BA Psychology) at a private college and my graduate work (MBA Nonprofit Management) at a Catholic university. I have spent nearly all of my professional career in the not-for-profit sector and have had the privilege of leading the St. Croix Valley Foundation for the past five years. My son, Jack (HHS Class of 2021), is studying engineering at UW-Madison; my daughter, Addie, is a junior at Hudson High School. In my free time I enjoy canoeing, kayaking, hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, reading and doing puzzles.

Describe your involvement in the Hudson School District or Hudson community: I have lived in the Hudson School District for nearly 20 years. As a parent, I have experienced firsthand the incredible staff who educate, encourage, challenge and support our students. As a volunteer, I have served the boards of numerous organizations providing services to the district’s students and families, including the Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley, St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity and the Free Clinic of Pierce and St. Croix Counties. Through both my professional and volunteer work, I have developed relationships with a wide range of Hudson residents, from those whose families have been here for generations to those who have recently relocated to Hudson. As an elected member of the school board, I have had the opportunity to develop a much deeper understanding of the district’s history, programs, curriculum, operations, financials, facilities, accomplishments, strengths and challenges.

Why are you running for School Board? Serving on the school board is an impactful way for me to give back to my community. I believe that strong public schools are critical not only to the future success of our students but also the continued growth and prosperity of our community. When done well, the work of school boards creates an environment where students, staff, families and community can work together to meet the needs of each and every one of our students. In the next few years, our district will be addressing several critical challenges, including financial sustainability in the face of declining enrollment; and how to continue strengthening our academic and career planning programs. I chose to run for school board because I believed — and continue to believe — that my skills, experience and passion are an excellent fit for the work of the school board.

Randy Lawson

Describe your background: I am a local Christian community activist in St. Croix County with interests in educational freedom, religious liberty, and limited government. I serve on the board of directors of non-profit organizations in the greater Twin Cities area.

My education experience includes serving as a high school biology teacher and math teacher. I have over a decade of industry training and instructional design experience for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

I attend River Valley Church. I am married, the father of three adult sons, and grandfather to a school age grandson and a school age granddaughter.

Describe your involvement in the Hudson School District or Hudson community: I am a resident of Hudson and concerned about the community in which I live. I serve on nonprofit boards in Minneapolis and Woodbury.

Why are you running for School Board? I am running to be a voice for parents and students who see a need for School Choice, Parental Rights, and Fiscal Frugality.

When Wisconsin was brought into the United States of America as part of the Northwest Territory, the founding document established public schools as a necessity for our inclusion to the new nation. The Northwest Ordinance clearly states, “Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.” Too many families are exiting our public schools because the “Religion, morality and knowledge” clause and the “shall ever be encouraged” clause of that promise has been abandoned by our school system. They feel they cannot trust their public schools to provide the moral guidance or academic rigidity their children need. This is one of the main civil rights issues of the 21st century. Those families that expect the schools to conform to the promises made in the Northwest Ordinance, are being denied equal access to the education that was promised to them. I hope to be one of the voices that helps to return to the premise on which Wisconsin public schools were founded.

Erin Gerlach

Describe your background: I have lived in Hudson almost my entire life. I am a Hudson High School Alumni. Minneapolis Business College Graduate; 2-year Certificate in Graphic Design, Business & Advertising, continued credits in Business Management and HR, continued education classes in the health and wellness area to include a Certificate in CST for both infants & adults. I am a fulltime Advertising & Marketing Director, wife and mother of 3.

Describe your involvement in the Hudson School District or Hudson community: Our family has strong roots here in the Hudson School District. As a Hudson native and Hudson High School Alumni, my husband and I chose to raise our children in the community we love. My oldest Daughter attends Hudson High School (previously River Crest K-5 & Middle School), my younger 2 are at Trinity Academy. Aside from my full time job, I volunteer in the community as an Event Coordinator  & fundraiser for several different organizations, Bible School Volunteer, and am currently the President of the PTO for Trinity Academy.

Why are you running for School Board? Education is the most important thing our children should be focused on while in school, I am passionate about our kids getting the education they need in order to thrive and prepare for their futures. The next few years will be challenging as we navigate through budget issues, staff needs, and potential school closures (which I am not in favor of), while continuing to support our students. It is so important that our school board is transparent and represents the parents and taxpayers of Hudson.

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