Advertising and Sponsorship Requests

Individuals, businesses or organizations wishing to advertise must submit a request including:

  1. Complete description and or image of the advertisement or promotion.
  2. Venue/location/event the requestor would like the advertisement placed.
  3. Requests for approval must be submitted 30 days prior to when the advertisement is requested to go “live.” Advertisements that require printing and installation should be submitted 45 days in advance.
  4. All advertisements, sponsorships, and or images must be in compliance with School District policy. Advertisements of, or sponsorship from tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, weapons, gambling, or pornography will not be accepted.
  5. Advertising rates do not include the cost of sign design, production, or printing.
  6. Advertising rates do not include video production or other related motion graphics that are part of electronic advertisements.

The School District reserves the right to reject any advertisement or sponsorship at any time.

Advertising/ Sponsorship Venue Advertising/Sponsorship Type Length of Advertising Period Rate
Indoor/Outdoor Videoboards Anchor Partner (limit to 4) Yearly 5 Year Agreement

$8,000/ Year

Videoboard Advertising Scroll Yearly $500
30 second or less spot ad on video screen Yearly $1,500
Individual event $500
HHS Varsity Ball Fields, Practice Fields, or Tennis Courts Outfield or Fence banner Yearly $1,000
Event sponsorship May include, but not limited to, sponsorship placement in event program, recognition during event, banner at event. Single Sporting Event $500
Single Performing Arts Event
Single Activity Event