Hudson High School
Yearbook Photos

It is time to start thinking about senior portraits for the 2017 True Blue Annual. Seniors have two options for senior portraits:

  1. Use a photo taken by a photographer of your choice and upload the portrait to – (click here for uploading instructions)
  2. Use the portrait taken during registration by Lifetouch and the yearbook staff will upload this photo for you.

If a student prefers to upload a photo, the photo must be uploaded by Friday, October 14, 2016. If a student chooses to upload a photo and does not meet this deadline, his/her Lifetouch photo will be used. Photo consistency is essential to the professional appearance of the senior pages. If you are having a photographer take your photo, please provide your photographer with the following specifications:

  • Photo size: minimum 2.5 horizontal x 3.5 vertical.
  • Photo composition: HEAD AND SHOULDERS ONLY – no visible hands. Full color.
  • Please sit fairly straight: – no dramatic angles.
  • Background: Scenery, props, hats, or back lit hair will NOT be accepted.
  • Head size: approximately 1.5 inches.
  • Mode: CMYK.
  • Resolution: Minimum 300 dpi (anything smaller may result in a poor quality printed image).
  • File format: JPEG.
  • Submission: Photographers/student uploads online at (click here for uploading instructions) by Friday, October 14, 2016. Students are responsible for ensuring that their photos are uploaded.

Lifetouch photos will be used if students indicate that they are submitting a photo and fail to do so. If a retake is taken and the yearbook staff has two photos, please check with the Yearbook staff to ensure the photo you prefer is being used for the portrait section, otherwise the Yearbook staff will use the later photo.

All Seniors are required to take a Lifetouch photo to be used for student identification cards during registration in August.