Hudson High School
Hours & Bells

Daily Bell Schedule (M, T, W, F)

Period 17:28-8:16Passing Time8:16-8:24
Period 28:24-9:11Passing Time9:11-9:19
Period 39:19-10:06Passing Time10:06-10:14
Period 4


10:14-10:39Passing Time10:39-10:47
Period 510:47-11:34Passing Time11:34-11:42
Period 611:34-1:00

Total time for Period 6 class and lunch

A Lunch – 11:34-12:00Return to Class12:00-12:05
B Lunch – 12:05-12:30Return to Class12:30-12:35
C Lunch – 12:35-1:00Passing Time1:00-1:08
Period 71:08-1:55Passing Time1:55-2:03
Period 82:03-2:51End of School Day

Late Start - Teacher Collaboration Day (Thursdays)

On Thursdays, student transportation will remain the same and students arriving before school time will have opportunities to study in the Media Center, and do other supervised activities from 7:28-8:15AM. Teachers will not be available during this time because they will collaborating with each other about student learning.

Period 18:28-9:11Passing Time9:11-9:19
Period 29:19-10:01Passing Time10:01-10:09
Period 310:09-10:51Passing Time10:51-10:59
Period 510:59-11:41Passing Time11:41-11:49
Period 611:41-1:08

Total time for Period 6 class and lunch

A Lunch – 11:41-12:08Return to Class12:08-12:13
B Lunch – 12:13-12:38Return to Class12:38-12:43
C Lunch – 12:43-1:08Passing Time1:08-1:16
Period 71:16-1:59Passing Time1:59-2:07
Period 82:07-2:51End of School Day