Hudson High School

All Hudson students, eligible for transportation, will be placed on a bus route. The following form only needs to be completed if the student:

  • is new to the school district
  • has a change in drop off or pick up location during the school year
  • only requires transportation one-way (to school or from school – not both)
  • requires a different drop off or pick up location due to child care services within the same school boundary area or living with two different families within the same school boundary area.
  • does NOT require transportation for the 2016-17 school year (examples: parents drop off and pick up, student drives him/herself)

Click here for transportation form.

Please allow 10 school days from receipt of form for transportation to be established. Be sure to click on submit at the bottom of the form when completed.

Additional transportation information:

Questions may be directed to: Laurie Henn at Safeway; 715.386.2824